Open Studi Aperti 2024: the program of the CNAPPC initiative


Emma Potter

Do you have an architecture firm? Plan your event

Design your event to strongly affirm the indispensability of architecture and of those who work for the care of our cities and our territories and to make people understand the importance of the work of professionals who intervene in the living space of man, both private and public”: this is the invitation that the CNAPPC addresses to architectural firms on the occasion of the 2024 edition of Open Studi Aperti.

The event foresees that for one or two consecutive days each participating studio can present your business to visitors, organizing small related events at its discretion. On the website dedicated to the initiative there is the registration form for architectural firms and professional associations, and it is possible to download the graphic kit presenting the event.

The main purpose is to raise awareness of the specializations and areas in which individual studios operate, but also that of stimulate architects themselves to promote their work and activity.

Open Studi Aperti 2024: program and map

The demonstration will ideally bring together all Italian studios in a single large event spread across the entire national territory, as part of which architectural firms will simultaneously open their doors to the public. On the official website of the event there is a map updated in real time, and a list of all the architectural firms participating in the initiative, searchable by name or by province.

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