Stop selling and discounting earthquake zones, engineers and architects: unjustly drastic choice


Emma Potter

It is difficult to complete the reconstruction of the earthquake areas

The National Councils of Engineers and Architects, Landscape Planners and Conservationists and the Inarcassa Foundation declare:
“Imagine completing the reconstruction of the earthquake-stricken areas quickly and without the use of public funds – they declare – it is purely utopian. As we have repeatedly stated, we need an overall system that facilitate the work of reconstruction rather than hinder it. This unusually drastic decision by the Government risks making the reconstruction work impossible. This is why we ask for a rethink and for the tax breaks to be maintained at least limited to the areas affected by the earthquake. We, as usual, are available to discuss with the Government to identify a solution that reconciles the need to keep the State's accounts under control and the right of citizens affected by the earthquake to return to live in their homes”.

Press release by Antonio Felici, head of the Press Office of the National Council of Engineers