Agrisolare Notice: 50% non-repayable contribution coming from the Lazio Region


Emma Potter

Reopening of applications for the Parco Agrisolare tender

The new one was signed in recent days decree of the Ministry of Agriculture That increases by 850 million this year’s allocation of the fund available to agricultural businesses for energy efficiency and installation of systems intended for self-consumption. A share of 250 million euros is expressly intended for the financing of projects to be carried out in Regions Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily.

The new funds will finance projects that involve thepurchase and the pose installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of buildings instrumental to agricultural activity, including those intended for reception and hospitality within the agritourism activity. A will be provided non-repayable contribution equal to 80% of the expenditure incurred with self-consumption constraint (even shared) and equal to 30% without self-consumption constraint, with the possibility therefore also of selling the energy produced in addition to that self-consumed. The purchase of storage systems and charging stations for agricultural machinery is also permitted. The date for the opening of the new tender is coming soon.

To date, like the previous editions of the call, over 14,000 companies have been admitted to financing for a total amount of 1.35 billion euros. With the new funds available, another 5,000 businesses will be admitted.

From the Lazio Region, a non-repayable contribution of 50% for the panels

It was presented last June 19th, but it will only open on September 16thThe announcement of the Lazio Region “Energy Efficiency and Renewables for Businesses” which provides for non-repayable contributions. The announcement is aimed at Resident SMEs in the region for investments in energy saving and for the production of energy from renewable sources. Only the projects of amounts not less than 150 thousand euros There is no provision for a maximum limit to the value of the project, but the maximum contribution obtainable has been set at two million euros for each company. The projects must include investments to improve the energy efficiency of production processes and/or buildings alongside those for the production of energy from renewable sources.

The contribution relating only to investments for the production of energy from renewable sources was set at il 50% of the total financeable for the entire project. Interested companies can apply online, via the GeCoWEB Plus platform. The procedure is over the counter and will open on Monday 16 September 2024, until sold out of available resources.

Voucher from the Rome Chamber of Commerce for the creation of CERs

Other funds for businesses then come from Chamber of Commerce of Rome.

In fact, the “CER Announcement – ​​Renewable Energy Communities 2024” which aims to encourage the adoption of innovative tools for the production and consumption of energy from renewable sources by companies in Rome and its province.

Available one million euros to support the establishment of new CERs. The contributions payable will all be non-repayable in the form of voucher. Read more.