ASMEL 2024, all the resources to prepare for the competition


Emma Potter

As we have seen, ASMEL this year it announced a maxi competition for 37 professional profiles, both graduates and diploma holders and specialized workers (formerly categories D, C and B), according to the needs reported by the member bodies to cover their needs. Thanks to a recent extension, it is possible to register until July 10, 2024, 12:00 PM >> for all the information on the competition and on how Asmel competitions and questions work in general, please refer to this article

There are many resources for preparation, with this article we try to make order and list them all.

ASMEL 2024, complete competition preparation manual

The text deals with this issue in a clear and comprehensive manner. all subjects requested during the selection phaseand there is also a section dedicated to situational quizzes with a first theoretical part followed by a selection of quizzes divided by skills, as well as a selection of official quizzes from the previous ASMEL announcement tests. The whole thing is integrated by a part online with simulator and all useful regulatory updates >> buy it on Amazon!

ASMEL 2024, free webinar in collaboration with ASMEL

Maggioli Editore, in collaboration with ASMEL itself, for the day July 3, 2024 He also organized a free webinar very useful for better orienting yourself in the selection procedure.

The Dr. Arturo BiancoPersonnel management expert in the PA, and the Dr. Isabella VairoAsmeLab Manager, will explain live how the Eligible List procedure works, focusing on: profiles, applications, tests, rankings and inquiries. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions live >> sign up here for free!

ASMEL 2024, online competition preparation course

To move on instead to study phase necessary for preparing for the selection, we recommend instead a complete online coursewhich is aimed primarily at candidates for the ASMEL 2024 selection, but is also suitable for those who have to face the tests of the competitions announced by local authorities.

The course is structured in 87 lessons recorded: in each lesson the teacher will illustrate the main elements of each topic, providing, with the help of concept maps, the keys to a rapid and effective memorization of the material.

The teachers are: Luciano Manelliconsultant and trainer, is a teacher at the Polytechnic of Bari; Alessia Liberatoriforeign language teacher; Luigi Tramontanojurist and author, former contract professor at the Economic-Financial Police School of the Guardia di Finanza; Maria Rosaria Tosianiqualified as a chartered accountant, is DSGA in a school in Bologna and is the author of articles and publications on fiscal and administrative-accounting issues related to the world of school.

ASMEL 2024, Telegram group

We also always remind you that there is a very useful Telegram group dedicated to the contest >> sign up here!