ASMEL 2024 competition coming soon, details and how to start preparing


Emma Potter

After the 2023 maxi competition for the creation of 16 new category B, C and D profiles to be made available to the needs of the Municipalities adhering to theAssociation for Subsidiarity and Modernization of Local Authorities, ASMEL has now announced thea new announcement is imminentfor theupdate of the 31 professional profiles already existing and the creation of new profiles.

The new ASMEL 2024 maxi competition, which will be published on InPA, is scheduled for spring. For the ASMEL lists of collaborator profiles it is possible to participate with the simple fulfillment of compulsory schooling and determined professional training certificatesfor instructor profiles the diplomawhile for the profiles of management instructors and officials the degreespecific based on the professional profile.

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ASMEL 2024 competition: how it works

Like the previous one, the Asmel 2024 Competition consists of a selection for the creation or updating of specific lists of suitable candidates which the participating organizations (over 700) will then be able to draw on to cover their staffing needs.

When registering for the competition, candidates must: choose the list that concerns the professional profile you are interested inand then take a written test (multiple choice) on different subjects: some will be common to all profilesthere will be others specific for the different profiles (for example, in this article you can find the details of the specialist subjects for the technical profiles of the 2023 selection), and to these are added the situational quizzes.

Those who pass the test will be included in the lists of suitable candidates. Currently these lists are 31 (>> here you will find the profiles and lists of current suitable candidates), but with the Asmel 2024 Competition there will be new lists for different profiles, probably also for technicians. At this point Asmel's member organizations will be able to call meetings questioning procedures for the different profiles.

How interpellations work

Once eligible, theregistration on the list lasts 3 years. When an organization activates a call (question) for a certain profile, the candidates who are included in the list of suitable candidates for that profile receive a communication PEC with all the details. They are then eligible to choose which questioning procedure to participate in, there is no obligation to participate in all questions.

Those eligible who participate in the interview must then take a new simplified testagain written or only oral, reserved for them. The winners will then be hired by the organization.

Failure to pass the interview tests or failure to participate in the interviews does not affect the validity of the registration on the list of suitable candidates. The names of the candidates will come deleted from the list only in case of hiring indefinitely. However, you are not canceled if you are hired on a fixed-term basis through a request for employment or if you are hired with a different competition procedure.

ASMEL 2024 competition: how to prepare for the selection

There selection test consists of administering a multiple choice quiz (60 questions in 60 minutes). This test has been carried out so far remotely electronicallybut we await details on the 2024 procedure.

All profiles professionals will have in common i situational quizzes and the following matter:

  • Public Law,
  • Administrative Law/Local Authority Law,
  • Administrative Law/Discipline of public contracts,
  • Administrative and labor law/Public Employment Discipline,
  • Administrative Law/Discipline regarding transparency and anti-corruption,
  • Administrative law/Right of access,
  • Concepts of European Union law,
  • Notions of criminal law / Crimes against the Public Administration,
  • English language,
  • Computer Science Notions,
  • Notions of public accounting,
  • Notions of privacy protection.