CER: Edificio16 launches the largest photovoltaic system in a commercial condominium


Emma Potter

The project

The photovoltaic system inaugurated by Building16 was designed for a self-consumption close to 100%an achievement that sets a new standard in the sustainable commercial construction industry.

This initiative will allow the complex to drastically reduce your carbon footprintsignificantly contributing to the sector's energy transition towards greener and more responsible solutions.

The role of GreenFlex

The realization of this ambitious project was possible thanks to the collaboration with GreenFlexa trusted partner in the field of sustainability.

GreenFlex played an essential role, supporting Building16 from the phase of feasibility study up to actual realization of the plant.

This includes the analysis of roofing surfaces, the evaluation of energy production potential and the design of energy storage solutions.

A turnkey service

In addition to the design and implementation of the system, GreenFlex attended Building16 in the establishment of the energy communitytaking care of the procedures permitting and ensuring support “keys in hand” throughout the installation process.

In the future, GreenFlex will continue to manage the bureaucratic and operational aspects of the plant, ensuring a monitoring constant and the maintenance complete with the system.

Not just sustainability

The plant not only represents an investment in sustainability, but also takes on astrategic importance in the context of commercial condominiums and coworking in the promotion of a circular economic model based on renewable energy.

With this move, Building16 not only aims to reduce CO emissions2 but also to inspire other companies to invest in sustainable technologies.

Impact and future

Tiziana Marengonicondominium administrator of Building16underlined the added value of this initiative for the neighborhood: “Bicocca is the first energy community founded by businesses to solve one of the problems that increasingly weigh on costs also small businesses present in the neighborhood. This photovoltaic system, connected to our energy community, could be the first of many others, which in the future could be associated within the Bicocca area, which hosts many commercial businesses and condominiums, as well as many other entities. In this way, each of them will be able to contribute in their own small way concrete act to safeguard our planet, starting directly from the ecosystem we live in every day”.

The initiative of Building16 And GreenFlex represents an example of how collaboration and innovation can drive the transition towards a more sustainable future. The experts at GreenFlex are ready to support other companies in carrying out similar projects, ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for all.

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