Cohesion Decree, over 1 billion euros for self-consumption from renewables in companies in the South


Emma Potter

Enhancing self-consumption

L’Article 33 of the decree, “Provisions on the recovery of industrial sites”, aims to support economic development and growth, territorial competitiveness, attraction of new investmentsin accordance with the provisions of thePartnership Agreement 2021-2027and with the specific contents and objectives of the National Programme “Research, innovation and competitiveness for the green and digital transition 2021-2027 (PN RIC 2021-2027)” aimed at providing support under the European Regional Development Fund under the “Investments for employment and growth” objective.

They will then be projects in industrial, production and craft areas financed located in the municipalities with a population greater than 5,000 inhabitants aimed at:

  • realization of plants for the production of energy from renewable sourceseven thermal, intended forself-consumption of companies;
  • installation of small and medium-sized storage systems;
  • increase in the capacity of the distribution and transmission network to accommodate increasing shares of energy from renewable sources;
  • development of intelligent storage systems.

Totally expected funds for 1,026 million eurosusing the resources of the PN RIC 2021-2027.

Investments to strengthen infrastructure in areas affected by new plants

In order to to accelerate the implementation of the FER interventions to be financed with the new funds, furthermore, the Minister for the Environment and Energy Security and the Minister for European Affairs, the South, Cohesion Policies and the PNRR can sign institutional development contracts (CIS). In addition to this, the Inter-ministerial Committee for Economic Planning and Sustainable Development (CIPESS) may assign, using the FSC Fund and within the limits of the relevant annual availability, additional resources for the implementation, in the territories where the industrial areas are located, of investments aimed at improvement of roads and infrastructuresas well as to the development of public services and to increase their quality.

The rules for requesting contributions

To make the rules operational which will allow access to new financing aimed at the construction of renewable energy plants for self-consumption the launch of a decree is expected of the Minister for the Environment and Energy Security to be adopted in agreement with the Minister for European Affairs, the South, Cohesion Policies and the PNRR, following agreement with the State-Regions Conference.

The provision must be issued within ninety days from the date of entry into force of the law converting the Cohesion decree, therefore by the end of next OctoberThe text will serve to identify the criteria for selecting investments in favor of companies located in the territories concerned, as well as the methods and terms for submitting applicationsi Details on eligible expenses and the start-up terms of the new plants intended to be incentivised.

Invitalia to manage the counter

To learn more about the calls, therefore, we will have to wait for the inter-ministerial decree. With the Cohesion decree, the entity managing the incentives has already been defined. As already foreseen for similar initiatives, also in this case it will be Invite. Projects and applications must therefore be sent directly to the desk that will be made available on the portal within the last months of the year.