Competition for 350 Fire Brigade operators: announcement coming soon, how to prepare


Emma Potter

Coming soon (the announcement should be released tomorrow, 20 June 2024) a Competition for the recruitment of 350 Fire Brigade operatorsnot far from the one for 189 units in the qualification of logistics-management inspector, for which selections are currently underway.

In recent days, the Undersecretary of the Interior Emanuele Prisco has in fact announced that the Civil Service has authorized the announcement of the competition procedure and that “the Fire Brigade Department has prepared the new IT application for the validation of the candidates' personal data”. Let's see what we know for now (>> we will update this article once the announcement is published, subscribe and save it among your favourites!).

350 Fire Brigade Competition: requirements

350 Fire Brigade Competition: selection tests

We already know that the competition will include a pre-selective test, three motor-aptitude teststhe evaluation of qualifications and theassessment of the psycho-physical and attitudinal suitability requirements. There will not be an oral test.

The pre-selective test will certainly include questions on the history of Italy from 1861 to today, elements of chemistry, logical-deductive and analytical questions, computer science and English language.

The motor-aptitude tests will instead evaluate the practical ability of the candidates, and furthermore strength, balance, coordination, motor reaction and aquatic skills.

Once you pass all the tests, you will become Firefighter students and we will start a one year training coursedivided into two periods: nine months of training at the school for basic training and three months of practical application at the provincial commands of the Fire Brigade or other offices of the national body.

350 Fire Brigade Competition: how to prepare

To start with the preparation we recommend the following volumes, the first of which is expressly dedicated to the competition in question (remember that this volume, like all the others, is also available on Amazon):