Construction bonuses: more time for communicating the transfer of credit and discount on the invoice


Emma Potter

The latest news in the tax field concerns a significant extension of the terms for the transfer of credit and the invoice discount linked to construction bonuses.

The Revenue Agency, through a recent provision (Provision no. 53159 of 21 February 2024), announced the extension of the deadline to 4 April 2024 for communications relating to expenses made in 2023 and for the installments of the previous years 2020, 2021 and 2022. This decision, which follows the definitive approval of the Milleproroghe 2024 decree, represents an important opportunity for all those who have undertaken works facilitated by construction bonuses over the last year.

We will analyze below the details of this extension, who benefits from it and the reasons behind this extension, as well as the implications for condominium administrators and taxpayers.

The recipients of the extension

The announced extension is not a general relief, but applies specifically to a defined group of beneficiaries. Traditionally, the transmission of communications relating to the transfer of credit and the invoice discount must take place by March 16th of each year. However, with the new deadline set for 4 April 2024, it offers a19 day extension in favor of those who have started works benefiting from the building bonuses in 2023.

This opportunity is reserved for subjects who fall within the exemptions established by the recent legislative decree 11/2023, offering them the possibility to choose between the transfer of credit and the discount on the invoice for the expenses incurred.

Therefore, included in this extension are those who presented the necessary documents before the entry into force of the aforementioned decree, both in 2023 and 2024, for works with a qualification requested by 16 February 2023, expenses for the elimination of architectural barriers carried out by 31 December 2023, and interventions on Iacp and areas of the seismic crater in 2023.

On the contrary, those who have not fulfilled these requirements will only be able to benefit from the direct deduction, excluding the possibility of transferring the credit or discount on the invoice.

In summary, the extension is applicable to communications regarding:

  • The choice between discount on invoice and the credit assignment for expenses facilitated by the 2023 building bonuses;
  • The management of the residual installments of deductions for expenses incurred in the previous three years (2020, 2021, 2022).

What were the reasons for the extension?

The extension of the deadline for sending communications relating to the transfer of credit and the discount on the invoice arises from a specific need. Construction industry operators and taxpayers faced significant difficulties in completing the procedures within the established deadlines, often due to bureaucratic complexity and the search for buyers for the credits.

In response to these needs, the Revenue Agency has decided to allow more time to complete these operations.

The extension, therefore, not only offers breathing space to taxpayers and intermediaries, but is proposed as a tool to energize the economy of the sector, facilitating access to the benefits provided by the building bonuses and encouraging the implementation of renovation and energy improvement works. .