Construction sites of Rome in real time: the dedicated portal is born


Emma Potter

The eternal city is being renewed before the eyes of its citizens and the entire world through an unprecedented digital initiative. The mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, recently unveiled “”, an online portal dedicated to informing citizens about the numerous construction sites open in the capital.

This platform represents not only a step forward towards greater administrative transparency, but also a tangible testimony of the commitment of the 2021-2026 consiliatura in transforming the face of Rome with a intervention plan which amounts to 13 billion eurosfinanced from different sources.

The portal: a guide to the transformation of Rome

The “” portal presents itself as an essential point of reference for all those interested in following the changes in the Capital during the mandate of the 2021-2026 council. Presented in the Campidoglio by Mayor Roberto Gualtieri, this site offers a complete overview of the urban, cultural and technological renewal projects that will take shape in the coming years.

Thanks to a total investment of 13 billion euros, coming from various sources, the portal promises to be a dynamic and constantly updated tool.

Through “Rome transforms”, citizens and visitors can explore ongoing projects in the eternal city, consulting by address, postcode, theme or directly on an interactive map. Each project is accompanied by a detailed sheet that illustrates its characteristics, progress and expected timetable.

At the time of launch, the site had around 400 project sheets, a number destined to grow as new interventions, especially financed by Pnrr, from the Jubilee and from Roma Capitale funds, will be started.

Innovation and inclusion: The Pillars of Rome that is Transforming

The “” project is not limited to providing a mere list of construction sites and infrastructure renovations. Mayor Roberto Gualtieri underlined how each intervention is cataloged within key thematic areas such as culture, innovation, sustainability and inclusion. This multidisciplinary approach aims to reflect the complexity and richness of the Roman urban fabric, as well as the municipal administration's commitment to promoting balanced progress accessible to all.

Furthermore, particular attention is paid to the implementation of digital infrastructures, including the 5G network, fundamental to guaranteeing the Capital a prominent place in the panorama of international smart cities. The inclusive vision of the project also extends to the involvement of private investments that are in line with the overall design of the city.

Significant examples of this collaborative effort include the Roma stadiumthe Navigators' square, the science Museum in Bravetta, among others.

Transparency and constant updating are the cornerstones of “Roma transforms”, with the aim of keeping citizens and stakeholders constantly informed on the development of the projects. Each project sheet is updated regularly to reflect the progress of the work, thus offering a dynamic and always current vision of the changes underway.

Conclusion: a shared and visible future

The “” project represents a significant turning point in the management of Rome's urban transformation, offering transparency and public involvement never seen before.

With the aim of making the vast renewal plan that is about to be implemented visible and understandable, the portal is configured as a dynamic tool accessible to all, both in Italian and English. Beyond large infrastructure projects, Mayor Gualtieri has expressed his desire to also include private initiatives that align with the city's development vision, thus broadening the horizon of changes to everything that can contribute positively to the future of Rome.