CTU tariffs update: changes and proposals


Emma Potter

CTU handbook

Over time, the functions of the Office Technical Consultant (CTU) have assumed ever greater importance and centrality in the process, in contrast to the fact that for a very long time qualification and specialization were never taken care of. So, also thanks to the economic crisis that has affected the world of professions, many consultants have been registered in the court lists over the years with little knowledge and little sensitivity of the areas in which they find themselves operating. The author, with the recognized ability and preparation, also in this second edition updated to the provisions of the so-called Cartabia Reform, which arrives four years after the first, he managed to summarize all the complex and diversified knowledge of the Technical Consultant in a streamlined and easy-to-consult text. The work, in a structured summary framework with operational implications, analyzes the functions, procedural areas, procedural rules, responsibilities and practical activities of the Office Technical Consultant at different moments of the assignment; the analysis is enriched with examples, observe/do exemplary tables, FAQ sections and reference regulations and, at the end of each chapter, Focuses with which the author does not give up monothematic insights that are innovative in terms of content and which reveal well the character of the work: simple but not simplistic. In short, everything that an Office Technical Consultant should know about his activity: from the reference standards, to the register and national list of technical consultants, from how to carry out the operations of consultancy to the expert report, from the methods and strategies for carrying out the conciliation experiment to how to request compensation from the judge up to the responsibilities in the different profiles. The appendix completes the work with the main formulas for the Technical Consultant and a practical glossary of terms in use. Paolo Frediani Freelance surveyor, works as a consultant, expert and auxiliary in public jurisdiction. Since 1999 he has been a freelance teacher in training courses and participates, as a subject expert, in seminars and conferences. He is a teacher at the Higher School of the Magistracy and on contract at the University of Pisa – Civil and Industrial Engineering Department in the degree course “Techniques for civil constructions and land management”. He is the author of volumes and treatises on the subject for the major Italian publishers. He collaborates with newspapers and legal information portals. As an expert he is a member of the appraisal and appraisal activities commission of the National Council of Surveyors and Graduate Surveyors.