Domestic charging station bonus 2024: here’s how to access it


Emma Potter

The Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, through the directorial decree of 19 June 2024, has defined the implementing rules for the granting of the 2024 Domestic Column Bonus.

This incentive is aimed at domestic, private and condominium users for the purchase and installation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

But how exactly does this bonus work? What are eligible expenses and how can I request them?

Details of the 2024 domestic charging station bonus

The Domestic Column Bonus 2024 offers a contribution equal to 80% of the purchase and installation price of the electric columns or wall boxes, with a maximum limit of 1,500 euros per requesting natural person and 8,000 euros for installations in the common areas of condominium buildings.

The expenses must be incurred between 1 January 2024 and 31 December 2024, with traceable methods.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Purchase and implementation of charging infrastructure.
  • Electrical systems and necessary building works.
  • Monitoring devices.
  • Design, works management, safety and testing.
  • Costs for connection to the electricity grid via new Pod (point of delivery).

Charging infrastructure requirements

To benefit from the bonus, infrastructures must:

  • Be new and of standard power.
  • Be equipped with a declaration of conformity.
  • Be located in Italian territory in areas with full availability of the beneficiaries.

For individuals, infrastructure must be for private use and not accessible to the public. In the case of installation on common areas of a condominium, they must be intended for the collective use of the condominiums and not accessible to the public.

Request method

The directorial decree of 19 June 2024 defined the rules for requesting the 2024 Domestic Column Bonus, with an expected allocation of 20 million euros.

The request for the 2024 Domestic Column Bonus must be submitted via the dedicated online platform, accessible through the public digital identity system (SPID), electronic identity card (CIE) or national services card (CNS). Once logged in, users will need to follow a wizard to complete the application.

Filling out the electronic form requires the entry of personal data and specific information regarding the charging infrastructure purchased and installed.

The Ministry of Business and Made in Italy (Mimit) will communicate the opening and closing dates of the office for submitting applications through a notice on its institutional website. It is essential to monitor these communications to ensure you meet the deadlines and do not miss the opportunity to access the contribution.

Necessary documentation

To correctly complete the application, it is necessary to attach a series of documents certifying the expense and compliance of the charging infrastructure.

Among these documents, there will be:

  • Invoices or tax receipts proving the purchase and installation of the columns.
  • Declaration of conformity of the installed infrastructures.
  • Any permits or authorizations required for the building or plant works carried out.

Mimit will carry out checks and controls on the applications submitted to ensure that the beneficiaries comply with all the conditions set out in the implementing rules. Documentary checks and, if necessary, inspections will be carried out to verify the correct installation and use of the charging infrastructure.