Drinking water bonus: pay attention to communication, it expires today


Emma Potter

The Italian government has introduced a significant tax break intended to incentivize the adoption of advanced technologies to improve water quality. With the last useful day set for today, February 28, 2024, it is essential to understand how to access this important benefit and what its potential is.

This article explores the drinking water bonus, outlining procedures, terms and benefits for interested taxpayers.

Communication procedure and deadline

Today 28 February 2024 is an important date for all those who intend to benefit from the drinking water bonus for expenses incurred during 2023. The procedure for accessing this incentive is digitalised and intuitive, thanks to the web service offered by the Revenue Agency.

Taxpayers are invited to send, through the reserved area of ​​the Agency's website, a detailed communication of purchases made in the previous year. After logging in, the path to follow is simple: just navigate to the Services section, select Concessions and finally Drinking water tax credit.

This online process not only facilitates the transmission of information but also ensures efficient and timely handling of requests.

Details of the Drinking Water Bonus

The drinking water bonus represents a significant opportunity to improve water quality in homes and commercial premises, while promoting public health and the environment.

With one 50% discount on expenses incurred for the purchase and installation of devices such as filtering, mineralization, cooling or carbon dioxide addition systems, the government intends to encourage the adoption of advanced technological solutions for water purification.

This relief is accessible both to natural persons, with a tax credit of up to 1000 euros per property, and to those carrying out business, arts and professions activities, as well as to non-commercial entities, with a ceiling of 5000 euros per property.

The 2022 Budget Law also set an overall limit of 1.5 million euros for purchases made in 2023, underlining the importance of acting quickly to access this incentive.

How to use the tax credit

The tax credit obtained through the drinking water bonus offers considerable flexibility in use, adapting to the different needs of the beneficiaries. For natural persons who do not own a business or self-employment, the credit can be used directly in the tax return, thus facilitating the reduction of the tax due.

Alternatively, both for natural persons and for those carrying out business, arts and professions activities, as well as for non-commercial entities, the tax credit can be used in compensation via the F24 form.

This method guarantees efficient tax management, allowing beneficiaries to obtain immediate and concrete tax savings, in line with the objective of promoting investments in drinking water technologies that are both sustainable and advantageous from an economic point of view.