Energy as a Common Good: a conference for the energy transition


Emma Potter

The Conference Energy Common Goodpromoted by the senator Antonio Trevisiwill be held Wednesday 13 March 2024 at 9.30 am in the prestigious Sala Zuccari at Palazzo Giustiniani, located in via della Dogana Vecchia 29, Rome, at the Senate of the Republic. The conference aims to highlight the strategies, policies and innovative technologies that can promote the use of energy that is sustainable, efficient and especially, inclusive.

The event is an unmissable opportunity for all those interested in renewable energies and at energy communities.

During the conference, various topics will be explored in depth, including:

  • incentives for CERs: challenges and opportunities linked to incentives for widespread self-consumption;
  • energy poverty: how renewable sources can help overcome situations of energy poverty;
  • local development: the role of renewable energy in the local economic fabric.

Energy Conference for the Common Good: the speakers

The theme of energy as a common good is more relevant than ever in an era characterized by global climate challenges and the need for transition towards renewable energy sources.

Experts will come together to share their visions and experiences, helping to outline a shared path towards the energy transition.

The speakers who will speak are:

  • Antonio Trevisi – Senator and secretary of the VIII Permanent Commission of the Senate
  • Alfonso Bonafede – Former Minister of Justice
  • Paolo Caridi – Head of Unit of the European Commission's Climate DG
  • Roberta Lombardi – Former Councilor for the ecological and digital transition of the Lazio Region
  • Dario Tamburrano – Former MEP
  • Federica Gasparrini – Former Undersecretary of State
  • Gianandrea Rizzieri – Lawyer
  • Fabiana Cambiaso – Architect and civil engineer of the Municipality of Rome and author of the volume Renewable Energy Communities (CER): Strategies, Standards and Applications
  • Giuseppe Milano – Construction engineer-architect and environmental journalist
  • Domenico Pecere And Luciana Favaro – European Climate Pact
  • Luca Mazzini – Territorial director of Central South Banco BPM
  • Francesco Gentili – Head of Institutional Relations at Ethical Bank

Energy Conference for the Common Good: how to participate

Access to the room is permitted until the maximum capacity is reached. If there are no places available in person, the conference can be followed in streaming on the official channels.

To find out more, download the poster at this link.