European green houses directive: stop the spread of distorted news on cladding systems


Emma Potter

The revision of the European EPBD (Energy Performance Building Directive) approved last March 12 provides for a progressive reduction in energy consumption in residential buildings, at least by 16% by 2030 and at least by 20-22% by 2035 (1). Upon entry into force, each member state will be required to adopt a national plan for the redevelopment of real estate, responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions.

To follow up on the EU green homes directive, it is essential intervene in a widespread manner on the redevelopment of the most energy-intensive buildings through integrated interventionsacting primarily on making the building envelope more efficient, so that it no longer causes energy waste, whatever the source of energy supply“, he claims Stefano Deri, President of Cortexa.

In fact, the only truly sustainable energy is that which is savedand the quality Coating System, supplied as a kit by a single manufacturer, equipped with ETA certificate and CE marking, designed and installed in a workmanlike manner, represents the main ally for reducing consumption and emissions from buildings”. Stefano Deri concludes.

In recent days, following the news of the approval of the directive, incorrect information on the costs relating to the cladding system is circulating online. As Cortexa we wish to officially deny the data disclosed in the Codacons press release(2), as they are unrealistic, not updated and not representative of the market“, he claims Alessandro Monaco, President of the Cortexa Communication Commission.

For 17 years we have been waging a battle against bad information in the world of energy redevelopments. Much progress has been made and we thank the press for helping to raise awareness of the importance of energy efficiency in buildings. Even today, however, it happens that some press outlets and organizations of national importance disseminate distorted and unverified news, which does nothing but confuse professionals and private individuals.”. Concludes Alessandro Monaco.

(1) With 370 votes in favour, 199 against and 46 abstentions, the directive was approved. To become law it must then also be formally approved by the Council of Ministers.

(2) Codacons press release

Cortexa is an associative project born in 2007 and Italian reference for the Coat Insulation System.
It brings together the most important companies in the insulation insulation sector in Italy, companies that have believed in the strength of a common path and that share the same philosophy of attention and priority for the quality of construction while respecting the environment. Since 2007 Cortexa, with its “Manual for the Application of the Coating System” and numerous information and training projects and initiatives, has been spreading and sharing the culture of external insulation and quality construction.
Cortexa is a founding member of EAE, the European association of cladding system manufacturers.