Furniture Bonus in 730/2024: complete guide


Emma Potter

Furniture Bonus in 730

This guide refers to filling in the fields relating to expenses for thefurnishing of renovated properties (Furniture and Appliances Bonus) and is therefore helpful in filling out the Line E57 – Section III C.

Furthermore, this guide is very useful because summarizes the general aspects of the Furniture Bonustherefore addressing these topics: conditions for taking advantage of the deduction, types of eligible goods, deductibility limits, payment methods, documentation to be checked and kept, transmission to ENEA of data relating to the purchase of household appliances.

Download the Revenue guide here (or save to your favorites).

These Revenue guides recall the documents of practice that are still considered current and provide clarifications in light of the regulatory changes intervened and of answers to questions posed by taxpayers, CAFs and qualified professionals.

Ample space is also dedicated to listing the documentation that taxpayers must show and which the CAF or authorized professionals must verify, in order to affix the approval of conformity, and keep.

As regards Construction Bonuses, the Revenue Agency specifies however that “does not interpret building regulations nor can it carry out any assessment, for example, regarding the qualification of the building intervention or the consequences deriving from a possible 'misalignment' in terms of urban planning framework of the building interventions deriving from the application of regional laws with respect to the Consolidated Building Act referred to to the Presidential Decree of 6 June 2001, n. 380.”