Green Bonus: is the unused deduction transferable?


Emma Potter

Outdoor: tax breaks for renovations and interventions – e-Book in pdf

There are many deductions for outdoor interventions and with a little forethought it is possible to save thanks to the discounts also for the construction of open structures or for the renovation of spaces. In fact, all “light” interventions that can be carried out externally do not require municipal authorizations and communications, except in very few cases. And some projects can also be facilitated with the Superbonus as they can fully fall within the supported interventions. The e-Book addresses everything you need to know and the rules laid down by the regulations so as not to miss a single opportunity. All the deductions and tax breaks for the construction of multiple outdoor structures are analysed: from flooring to fences, from mosquito nets to sun screens, from pergolas (including photovoltaic) to gazebos, without forgetting the awnings, fixtures and darkening closures and garden work (the so-called green bonus). The e-Book also presents, for each type of furniture and structure, a practical summary diagram which indicates any authorizations, deductible expenditure limits, the need or otherwise to notify ENEA and many other operational information. Lisa De Simone Expert in legislative matters, she deals with regulatory provisions and jurisprudence of interest to citizens. You have been collaborating with Maggioli Editore for years, editing some online daily information columns with particular attention to the rulings of the Court of Cassation on tax and condominium matters.