How much does it cost to redevelop a house to make it green?


Emma Potter

The Zero Consumption House

The energy efficiency of buildings is an unavoidable issue, which is leading and will lead, increasingly in the future, to a real revolution (technological and design) for technicians and designers, starting from the EPBD directive (so-called Green Houses directive). This manual aims to accompany and help the reader in understanding and governing the new design methods that will lead to our building stock being “zero-emission” by 2050. The work, in particular, provides information, good advice practice and food for thought useful both in the planning phase and in the implementation phase of the interventions, offering a solid approach regarding which aspects to take into consideration and how to deal with them. The manual delves into the aspect of energy efficiency aimed at reducing of consumption. The aim is twofold: to provide a critical analysis of the main technologies used in the building sector for energy efficiency interventions, both in newly constructed buildings and in existing buildings, and to promote a holistic design approach, which allows not to lose looking at the overall picture, to guarantee – in addition to energy savings – also thermo-hygrometric and acoustic comfort, the structural and fire safety of buildings.Virginia Luisella PascaleDesigner and DL specialized in redevelopment interventions of existing building stock. She obtained a Master's Degree in Engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan and is a member of the Order of Engineers of Milan, where she actively participates in the work of various commissions. You have carried out design and project management activities for the contracts of the Expo2015 site and are currently involved in renovation, energy efficiency and acoustic rehabilitation of existing buildings. She carries out teaching activities for training courses relating to the energy and acoustic performance of buildings. She is qualified as an Energy Certifier of the Lombardy Region, Competent Technician in Acoustics, Fire Fighting Professional and Safety Coordinator, she is also registered in the national CTU Register.