How to start and manage a CER: a comprehensive webinar


Emma Potter

A live online course to understand the foundations of Renewable Energy Communities, analyzing the fundamental principles of CERs, their purposes, nature and their impact in the current energy landscape. The final objective is to transmit the strategies and best practices to promote, create and successfully manage a Renewable Energy Communityproviding practical tools and useful advice.

The teacher of the webinar – to be held Thursday 27 June, from 2.30pm to 5.30pm (with the ability to review the recording for 365 days) – is Gianfranco De Gregorioexpert in fundraising and access to regional, national, community and PNRR benefits.

The online course is aimed in particular at administrators, managers and operators of local authorities and companies owned by local authorities operating in the energy field, at freelancers interested in the subject and at businesses and companies in the renewable sector. At the end of the course participants will receive certificate of attendance.