IMU 2024, advance payment coming soon: who has to pay, who is exempt, how to calculate it and how to pay


Emma Potter

The next June 17th the expiry date is expected first IMU installment 2024. The final balance, however, is expected on 16 December 2024. In addition to being extended to the first available working day, this year, there are important changes for the Municipal Tax.

Here, therefore, in this article you will be able to find all the information regarding exemptions, deadlines and even how to calculate this important local tax.

IMU 2024: payments and exemptions

Being a wealth tax, IMU must be paid, in full or in installments, by all owners of properties, agricultural land or building areas. Present in all municipalities across the country, local administrations will define, in line with national legislation, any concessions, exemptions and tax rates.

In general, in addition to property and land owners, payments will concern:

  • those who hold the rights of real enjoyment of a property: for example, for questions of usufruct, habitation and/or emphyteusis;
  • the concessionaires of state-owned areas;
  • the tenant of a given property put up for rent;
  • owners of properties defined as luxury: attributable to categories A1, A8 and A9 of the land register. This payment also applies if it coincides with the name of the first home or marital home where one of the two spouses will reside after legal separation.

Also in 2024, therefore, the IMU will not affect, with exceptions, the first house. Furthermore, the following are exempt:

  • those who have bare ownership of a property;
  • cadastral categories such as C2, C6, C7 and from E/1 to E9;
  • homes occupied illegally: but only in the presence of an appropriate report to the competent authorities;
  • tenants with a rental contract: also in the case of companies;
  • the borrower who grants the asset: for example a leasing company;
  • those who are not assignees of the property in the event of divorce;
  • some types of agricultural land: among these, those located in mountainous terrain, in smaller islands or hilly areas, as well as owned and managed by direct farmers and dedicated to agro-silvo-pastoral activities.

However, there are no longer any exemptions for areas affected by earthquakes or other meteorological events, unless the properties are considered unusable.

IMU 2024: how to calculate it?

To calculate the 2024 IMU it is necessary to consider two types of municipal ratesi.e. the ordinary one and the reduced one.

In the first case, although variable depending on the municipality of reference, it is usually equal to 0.86%. There is talk of a reduced rate, however, for main homes considered luxury. This value can fluctuate from 0.1% to 0.5%. Both quotas were set in 2023.

For this year, in particular, the following reductions are expected:

  • of the 0.1% with regard to instrumental rural buildings and real estate intended for construction business activities;
  • of the 0.5% for the first home concerning the luxury categories;
  • of the 0.76% for buildings of type D cadastral categories and agricultural land;
  • of the 0.86% for building land.

To deductions and rates, you will then have to multiply the cadastral income value of the property. For example, for type A properties, with the exception of A/10, the coefficient will be 160.
It is good to remember that this tax is on an annual basis and, therefore, variable depending on current tax reforms and municipal administrations.

Different story, however, for the second installment. The rates necessary for this calculation will be arranged by the Municipality by 14 October 2024 and published, within 15 days, on the Mef website. In the absence of an appropriate resolution, those of the previous year will apply.

In order to benefit from various benefits provided for the IMU 2024, it is mandatory to present the specific declaration relating to the year 2023 according to the established methods, no later than 30 June 2024. However, if the sale of the property took place through a notarial deed, there will be no need. Documentation received after this date will not be considered valid. The Municipality will then prepare the relevant exemptions and determine the correct amount to pay.

IMU 2024: how is the payment made?

The payment of the first installment of the IMU 2024 can be carried out using three different payment methods.

In most cases, you choose the practical F24 model, which can be filled out independently via a document made available by the Revenue Agency, or from CAF and accountants. This can be standard or simplified.

In the first case, i.e. the one also defined as ordinary, it can be paid at banks, post offices, other collection services such as tobacconists, as well as via home banking.
The simplified one, however, in pdf, is intended for those who use the virtual service of the Revenue Agency. In the case of VAT holders, only the obligation to pay electronically applies.

Then there is the specific one Postal. This will uniquely present a given current account code throughout the national territory, i.e 1008857615.

Finally, the last way to pay the 2024 IMU concerns the system PagoPA. Through this network, now increasingly widespread, it facilitates the connection between citizens and Public Administrations. Among the channels that have joined it are banks, bookshops, ATMs, post offices, tobacconists and many others. Alternatively, in an even more effective and secure way, you can pay by scanning the appropriate QR Code with your smartphone through mobile banking applications.

Late payment entails penalties ranging from 1% to 5% of the amount due. The IMU fee can also be paid in a single payment no later than 17 June 2024.