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Emma Potter

Real estate buying and selling: a guide for professionals and non-professionals

This guide responds to the need to offer the reader, professional or otherwise, indications and support in the vast sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlegislation with reference to the responsibilities of professional figures, “what to ask and from whom”, what to expect from the seller and the duties, responsibilities and risks you have as a buyer when buying or selling a property. The Author, with many years of experience in the sector and with great clarity, has created a text which is, at the same time, a reference and a guide to the various pitfalls hidden behind a real estate purchase and sale. Clear, discursive, colloquial language was used in the work to make it accessible even to non-experts. Technical professionals will also find sections with insights and technicalities, because construction is also and above all this: strict but interpretable rules, invisible pitfalls but with heavy consequences, and great responsibilities both of those who sell but also of those who buy, who do not they can rarely lead to court litigation over exhausting causes. Marco Campagna Freelance architect. Over the years he has had the opportunity to delve into the themes of urban planning applied to building interventions, both by carrying out practices himself and by working as a consultant or expert, both on behalf of private individuals and companies, carrying out in parallel planning and works management for various property recovery and enhancement interventions. He is currently a member of the Urban Planning Commission of the Order of Engineers of Rome, trainer and teacher in various professional refresher and in-depth courses at the same Order and at other institutions.