Milleproroghe confirms remote state exams and a single oral test, but accountants say no


Emma Potter

Extension of remote state exams for engineers, architects and accountants

Within the scope of the professions for which the extension of the remote mode and the single oral test for state exams is envisaged, until 31 December 2024include: architect, engineer, chartered accountant and expert accountant.

The extension does not apply to the professions indicated inarticle 1 from the law 8 November 2021, n. 163or master's degrees enabling the practice of the professions of dentistry, pharmacist, veterinary surgeon and psychologist, as well as to those who have obtained one of the professional degrees referred to inarticle 2 of the same law.

Extension of state exams to remote mode: accountants say no

The measure she didn't like it to the young accountants, who expressed their opinion dissent towards online exams.
The president of the National Union of Young Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts (UNGDCEC), Francesco Cataldi, declared that the government should review this forecast, underlining that the pandemic emergency has ceased and it doesn't justify plus the extension of the “remote” mode until 31 December 2024.

In the press release, published on the website of the National Union of Young Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts, we read: “the professional qualification exam, in the ordinary form of three written tests and one oral, represents a guarantee of achievement of the skills acquired during the university course and professional training as well as being, without a doubt, a more complete form of evaluationcompared to a single oral exam, the outcome of which is clearly influenced by one greater randomness determined by the extraction of the questions, thus reporting a lower degree of objectivity”.

Cataldi then underlined the need for one general review of the qualification processsuggesting that eighteen months internships may not guarantee adequate practical experience.