Motorization of roller shutters, RS100 IO by Somfy becomes solar: RS100 Solar io


Emma Potter

From RS100 io to RS100 Solar io

In 2015, Somfy launched the RS100 io enginecombining the best of Somfy innovations: intelligence, silence and motion control. Even today the quality of the RS100 io is unbeatable reference on the market for its reliability and the increase in the perceived quality of the motorized roller shutter.

Its technology is designed to fit perfectly into everyday life thanks to a quieter motor and a controlled movement with its adjustable speed.

RS100 Solar io it also has all the features to protect the roller shutter and ensure its long life: obstacle detection, frost protection and burglary resistance.

A universal and reliable solution, with a 7-year guarantee

The new RS100 Solar io engine can be installed anywhereregardless of the amount of sunlight, e It adapts to all types and sizes of roller shuttersfrom small windows to glass windows up to 4 meters.

Since it works without electricity, this self-contained solution can be installed without carrying out work inside the homeavoiding potential damage to the interior.

The 6 mm thick monocrystalline resin solar panel is perfectly integrated into the shutter housing. The battery gives 2200mAh It has an autonomy of at least 45 days (based on two full openings and two full closings per day). A new function patented by Somfy adapts the speed if the battery is low.

Somfy guarantees an efficient and long-lasting assistance service, offering a seven year guarantee.

Motorization of roller shutters, RS100 IO by Somfy becomes solar: RS100 Solar io Shoot Savigny 2022 Vanessa

A new function to optimize energy performance

RS100 Solar io is connected and compatible with all Somfy products via TaHoma® switch and can be controlled by a smartphone or a voice assistant.

In addition to benefiting from theentire TaHoma® ecosystemRS100 Solar I have a Sunlight sensor built into the solar panelThat automatically opens or closes the shutter based on weather conditions.

With just a few clicks in the TaHoma® application, users can plan scenarios so that the roller shutters are always in the correct position at the right time, thus reducing heating consumption in winter and mitigating internal heat during summer heat waves.

The sensor Measures the brightness and sunlight of each roller shutter, allowing you to customize control and optimize thermal comfort. Thanks to roller shutter automation, users can save between 10% and 30% on heating consumption compared to manual sun shades *.

Motorization of roller shutters, RS100 IO by Somfy becomes solar: RS100 Solar io Shoot Savigny 2022 Vanessa

For professionals, a complete ecosystem of services

With the new RS100 Solar io engine, professionals benefit from a complete ecosystem of services to support them at every stage of installation. The application SolarApp guarantees the feasibility and reliability of the photovoltaic systemallowing installers to immediately verify the performance of Somfy solar solutions in a specific installation environment.

Furthermore, the application TaHoma® Pro supports them in commissioning of connected installations quickly, efficiently and without errors. Finally, it maintenance tool Serv-e-Go® allows installers to diagnose remotely and prepare their interventions to save time.

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