New EU regulation on waste shipments: in force from 20 May 2024


Emma Potter

EU waste shipment regulation: a transition period expected for transposition

The new regulation will come into force on May 20, 2024but its full application is expected starting May 21, 2026. Until that date, the provisions of the previous regulation will continue to apply, with the exception of some specific articles. This transition period it is essential to allow Member States and sector operators to adapt to new regulations.

The new regulation represents a significant step forward for the EU in its commitment to environmental sustainability and human health. It imposes more rigorous and ecologically correct waste management, in line with the waste hierarchy established byarticle 4 from the Directive 2008/98/EC and aims to reduce the global impacts of resource use.

Waste excluded from the scope of the regulation

Regulation (EU) 2024/1157 clearly states that waste cannot be shipped in the form of used goods, second-hand goods or by-products without adequate control.

The new Regulation (EU) 2024/1157 specifies different categories of waste which are excluded from its scope of application. Here is a detailed list of exclusions:

  • waste produced by the normal operations of ships and offshore platforms;
  • waste produced on board vehicles, trains, aircraft and ships;
  • shipments of radioactive waste;
  • animal by-products and derived products;
  • wastewater shipments;
  • shipments of substances intended to be used as feed materials;
  • waste shipments from the Antarctic;
  • shipments of carbon dioxide for geological storage;
  • ships flying the flag of a Member State that fall within the scope of application of EU regulation no. 1257/2013.