OICE: BIM tenders increased in 2023


Emma Potter

BIM especially for above-threshold tenders

The Report revealed that over 81.5% of the BIM tenders are above the community threshold of 215,000 euros. In detail, these involve 519 tenders (81.5% of the total), for a value of 1,234 million, i.e. 98.8% of the total amount.

While those below the threshold are of interest 118 tenders for around 15 million.

Entities like ANAS, RFI, State Property Agency, Invitalia and the Port authorities emerge as main actorswith a significant share of the total value of the races.

The composition of the BIM tenders reflects a concentration in the activities of designfollowed by construction supervision, design verificationAnd seismic safety assessmentunderlining the growing importance of BIM technology in the different phases of construction of works.

Increase in BIM information specifications, but improvement is needed

The OICE vice-president with responsibility for digitalisation, Alfredo Inglettihighlights the digital transition starting from January 1, 2024 as one irreversible turning point for the sector, despite the initial difficulties. The need for interoperable technological platforms and services lays the foundation for an overall evolution of working practices, promising efficiency and innovation.

Lupoi's vision for the future of the sector highlights the importance of a constructive dialogue between the parties involvedthe adoption of a project culture and information management and the urgent need for one reorganization of procurement processes. The objective is twofold: to accelerate the digitalisation process and ensure efficient management of public and private built heritage.

Regarding the adoption of BIM information specifications the Report highlighted an increase, although improvements are needed quickly in view of expires 2025: we go from 19.9% of 2022 to 29.4% of 2023. In this regard the OICE has developed a standard specifications for buildings and infrastructures for all contracting authorities, available as an attachment to the Report and downloadable below.

Download the standard information specifications (word format)
Download the Guidelines for the Standard Information Specifications
Download the ATTACHMENTS of the Standard Information Specification Guidelines