Pre-compiled 2024: clarifications regarding the management of building bonuses


Emma Potter

The 2024 pre-filled declaration is upon us and the Revenue Agency clarifies some crucial aspects regarding the management of construction bonuses.

In particular, clarifications were provided regarding the method of entering the expenses incurred for building renovation interventions, such as the installation of heat pump air conditioners, in order to guarantee the correct use of the tax deductions due.

The issue of building bonuses

The Revenue Agency has recently provided clarifications regarding the representation of tax deductions for building renovation interventions within the pre-compiled 2024 declaration.

In response to a question from a taxpayer, the Agency specified that the data relating to transfers made for extraordinary maintenance interventions, such as the installation of heat pump air conditioners, are reported in the summary sheet of the pre-compiled declaration, but are not automatically used for the calculation of the deductions due.

This is due to the fact that, at the time of processing the pre-compiled declaration, the Agency is not in possession of the information necessary to determine whether the taxpayer meets the subjective and objective requirements established by the legislation for access to construction bonuses.

Consequentially, for the first year to benefit from the deduction, the taxpayer is required to enter manually the amount of the first installment in part E of the 730 form or in part RP of the Personal Income model, subject to verification of possession of the required requirements.

The installments subsequent to the first, however, are automatically reported in the pre-compiled declaration, as they are taken from the previous year's declaration, and are marked in the summary sheet as “data used”.

This clarification from the Revenue Agency proves to be of particular relevance for taxpayers who have incurred expenses for building renovation interventions during 2023 and intend to take advantage of the related tax breaks.

Please note that the pre-compiled 2024 declaration will be made available starting from 30 April 2024 and can be modified and integrated by the taxpayer before transmission to the Revenue Agency.