Pre-selective School Managers Competition 587 places, how it takes place and what to study


Emma Potter

As the oral test of the procedure reserved for applicants of the previous School Managers Competition (392 places extraordinary procedure) – will be held on 10 April 2024 – the pre-selection of the ordinary procedure for 587 places.

The applications that have arrived are in fact just under 25 thousand (24,944), and the pre-selection is therefore necessary. Waiting to find out the date of the test – which should be held between the end of March and the beginning of April – let's see how it will work and what to study.

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We remind you that the competition tests are as follows:

  • Pre-selective test;
  • Written test;
  • Oral exam;
  • Securities valuation.

Pre-selective School Managers Competition: what does it consist of

Candidates will carry out the pre-selection test in the location identified in the USR where the application for participation was submitted. The pre-selection test will last 75 minutes and consists of a test divided into 50 questions multiple choice.

Will access the next written test number of candidates equal to three times that of the places available for competition for each region. Those who, at the end of the pre-selection, have obtained the same score as the last of those admitted are also admitted to the written test, as well as subjects exempted from the test – i.e. candidates with a disability equal to or greater than 80%.

Pre-selective School Managers Competition: subjects

The 50 questions will be organized as follows:

  • 6 questions for each of the following subjects (for a total of 48 questions):
    • Educational Regulations and Study Regulations in Italy: Concentration on laws and regulations governing the Italian education system, with particular attention to current reform processes.
    • Management of Complex Organizations: In-depth analysis of the management of complex organizational entities, with focus on the context of educational institutions.
    • Planning, Management and Evaluation in School Institutions: Analysis of planning and evaluation strategies within schools, including the Three-Year Educational Offer Plan.
    • Organization of Learning Environments: Discussion on inclusion, digital innovation and innovative teaching methodologies.
    • Personnel Management: Reflection on aspects related to the management of school personnel.
    • Evaluation and Self-evaluation: Examination of methods for evaluating staff, learning and school processes.
    • Civil and Administrative Law: Fundamental elements of civil, administrative and criminal law, with a focus on the responsibilities of the School Director.
    • State Accounting: Accounting and financial management principles applied to educational institutions.
  • 2 questions on Educational systems of the European Union countries.

We underline that the text School code can be also consulted during the competition test, because the texts of the laws are not commented on. To prepare further we also recommend this Intensive online course to prepare for the competition testsand this free quiz simulator.