PTP-V PVC roof window


Emma Potter

Made largely with recycled components, the PTP-V PVC model is a sustainable, long-lasting and resistant window, suitable for installation in any room, even those with a high concentration of humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens.

With the important objective of increasing the comfort and functionality of attics, FAKRO has always designed and produced its own solutions paying great attention to the environment. With this in mind, it offers the PTP-V pivoting window in its range of roof windows, which stands out for its multi-chamber PVC profiles made up to 63% with recycled material and internally reinforced with galvanized steel cores. But not only that: the materials that make up this model – such as glass, PVC and aluminum and steel components – can also be practically 100% reused at the end of the window's life cycle.

These peculiarities make PTP-V a sustainable, long-lasting and resistant window and door over time: PVC, in fact, is not afraid of the action of water or acidic and corrosive substances and does not require painting, therefore making this window a valid solution especially for the environments with a high concentration of humiditysuch as the kitchen and bathroom.

Suitable for installation on roofs with a slope from 15° to 90°, PTP-V is equipped with cutting-edge technologies that optimize its performance, starting from thermoProa particular construction system capable of increasing the energy efficiency of the window and its airtightness, as well as contributing to the achievement of a thermal transmission value Uw = 1.3 W/m2K. Added to this is the system of ventilation V35which allows for optimal air exchange even with the window closed, and the construction reinforcement system TopSafewhich ensures greater security and resistance to break-in attempts.

PTP-V PVC roof window

PVC profiles are offered in three different finishesto adapt harmoniously to any furnishing style, both in new buildings and in renovation projects: the classic color whitein fact, two wood-effect shades are combined, oak And natural pine. Furthermore, this window can be enhanced through numerous internal and external accessories which make it the ideal solution whatever the intended use of the attic.

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