Radon and workplaces: a guide to prevention and Italian legislation from INAIL


Emma Potter

DVR Processing and Management: Shortcomings and Mistakes to Avoid

This text is a manual in reverse as it does not instruct someone to do something (specifically, a Risk Assessment Document) but, rather, aims to constitute a large “collection” of errors, omissions, shortcomings and critical issues, analyzed and commented on by the Author, which are very often found within this fundamental prevention document, so that it can constitute a useful guide to the drafter of the DVR, to avoid making the same mistakes. Developing and managing a “perfect” DVR over time is not easy as the possibility of making an error in evaluation is very high. The work therefore offers the reader (employer, consultants, technicians, specialists, professionals) a practical, operational tool characterized by great concreteness that allows the drafting and updating of the Risk Assessment Document in any type of activity productive and economic in a complete, professional, non-bureaucratic way, truly useful for guaranteeing safety in the workplace and “error-proof”. Danilo GM De Filippo Mechanical engineer, always involved in the field of safety in the workplace, has been awarded the Honor of Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic. Technical Labor Inspector, belonging to the Register of trainers for the INL, he is also an external teacher and author of numerous texts and publications on safety at work as well as being an active part in the organization of events for the widest diffusion of prevention of accidents at work.