Real estate agencies: what are they for?


Emma Potter

Relying on a real estate agency could be the best solution, whether you are looking for a new apartment or want to put your real estate property up for sale. These agencies can lend a hand in various ways, starting with the possibility of putting buyers and sellers in contact, creating a real direct line between supply and demand. Furthermore, these are true professionals, such as the real estate agents who work with Tecnocasa, ready to offer a large number of services, including the possibility of having your property valued.

Why are real estate agencies so important? Find out with us by continuing to read.

The meeting between supply and demand.

Real estate agencies have a fundamental role within the market, because they are the meeting point between supply and demand. Anyone who wants to put an apartment up for sale contacts the agencies so that they can offer it to those who are looking for a property to sell or buy in a certain area. Real estate agents are responsible for organizing visits and highlighting all the main aspects of the home, so as to allow the potential buyer to understand whether a particular property is actually the most suitable solution for his needs. The skill of a good real estate agent lies precisely in the ability to create the right combination between those who are looking and those who are selling.

The role these professionals have is to all intents and purposes that of intermediaries. They manage contacts between seller and buyer, with the aim of helping both reach an agreement that is as satisfactory as possible.

Evaluate a real estate property.

For those who sell, real estate agencies are a real resource. Not only do they take care of finding potential buyers and managing visits, but they also carry out a preliminary evaluation of the real estate property. The assessments carried out by these agencies are reliable, because they are handled by professionals in the sector, who take into consideration elements such as the area, the square footage, the energy class, the condition of the property and much more. There are obviously parameters on which nothing can be done, such as the location and size of the apartment, while on other factors it could be convenient to carry out some renovation work before the sale.

Thanks to them, the seller can know what the actual value of the house is, also in relation to what the current market is. In this way those who want to sell can immediately realize whether it is a convenient deal or not.


Real estate agents are not simple intermediaries, but can be valid consultants to refer to both when you are in the position of seller and when you are in that of buyer. They know the real estate sector very well, and this is an element that should not be underestimated.

Furthermore, real estate agencies are ready to give all the necessary information to avoid making mistakes with the complex bureaucracy that regulates the sale of real estate properties. Thanks to them, both the seller and the buyer do not risk making any type of bureaucratic error, which could result in a useless waste of time.