Save Home Decree: a practical guide, with commentary and technical-legal reflections


Emma Potter

As we have seen, the so-called Save Home Decree (law decree no. 69/2024) is changing the cards on the table from many points of view: for this reason we have prepared a ebook of commentary and in-depth analysisco-written by a lawyer expert in administrative law, with particular attention to the urban-building sector, and by a technician passionate about the theory but also and above all the practice of administrative procedures.

In short, it is a practical manual quick reference on checks to be carried out in preliminary design phases of construction interventions on existing buildings: building procedures, verification of compliance, analysis of constraints, planning of complexities, identification of critical issues.

Save Home Guide, contents

The ebook (in pdf) deals with these six macro-topics in detail:

  • Introduction to the Save Home decree, general overview of the legislation in which it is inserted;
  • The manufacturing tolerances after the Save-Home decree;
  • Updates to the definition of legitimate building-urban planning status;
  • The new formulation ofconformity assessment;
  • The change of intended use after the Save-Home decree;
  • How the Save-House decree will concretely affect building procedures.

Save Home Guide, the authors

The authors of this practical ebook are Marco Campagnaarchitect, e Andrea Di Leolawyer.

Marco Campagna is freelance architect. Over the years he has had the opportunity to delve into the themes of urban planning applied to building interventions, both by carrying out practices in person and by working as a consultant or expert, both on behalf of private individuals and companies, carrying out in parallel planning and works management for various property recovery and enhancement interventions. He is a member of the Urban Planning Commission of the Order of Engineers of Rome, trainer and teacher in various refresher and professional development courses.

Andrea Di Leo is lawyer working in administrative law, with particular reference to the urban planning and construction sectors, also in relation to the constraints profiles. It also deals with the regulatory and administrative profiles relating to hospitality, trade and administration, public procurement as well as the administrative and regulatory profiles of innovative sectors such as startups, sharing economy, mobility and transport. He carries out teaching and training activities. He is a member of the Italian Society of Administrative Lawyers and co-founder of Legal Team.

* for those who purchased the course online Building amnesty 2024 and Save the Home Decree. Decree 29 May 2024, n. 69this ebook is already included in the price *