Sofa: the trends of the moment


Emma Potter

The Sofa it is undoubtedly a furnishing element of great importance, one of the kings of the living environment, the first to be seen by those who enter the house in most situations (not everyone has an entrance).

Choosing it when furnishing your home from scratch or renovating it can be anything but simple. This is why it can be useful to be guided by current trends. Let's see some of the most interesting ones in the next lines.

Back to the 70s.

The 70s are a period that gave a lot to design. Between soft shapes, bold colors and concepts with a social appeal, with also hints at sustainability which, nowadays, is increasingly at the center of attention when it comes to furniture, they continue to inspire both designers and home furnishers.

As regards the second case, among this year's trends it is important to mention the recovery of original pieces from that decade which, over the decades, have not been revisited.

Just to cite an example, let's call into question the Maralunga sofa by Cassina which, with its headrest characterized by the presence, inside, of a bicycle chain that allows it to be adjusted, guaranteeing the same comfort as an armchair, with its decades of history is still a piece that fascinates.

It is no coincidence that, in 2024, it has returned to being extremely popular and easily available online on numerous furniture and home decor e-commerce sites which, like the famous Designbest Outlet, enhance both innovation and tradition.

The colors of the earth.

An aspect to which a lot of attention is paid when choosing the sofa is undoubtedly the color. Among the trendiest solutions of the moment are undoubtedly: colors that recall the earth, from sage green to terracotta.

Solution of continuity between indoor and outdoor.

Another trend that is characterizing the current scenario regarding design and, in particular, sofas, concerns the search for a solution of continuity between the living room and the outdoor space when it is large enough to accommodate a small living room.

In light of this objective, we are increasingly trying to move towards solutions with simple lines, possibly in neutral colours.

Goodbye to the rigidity of minimalism.

After years in which the minimalism has dominated the furniture scene, we are witnessing a progressive loss of share of this trendin favor of soft and welcoming shapes.

Just take a look at the proposals of the most popular stores to realize how the sofa has returned to being the embracing furnishing element, the place par excellence dedicated to rest.

Eyes on the feet of the sofa.

THE sofa feet they are no longer a detail like so many others. Those who want to furnish the living room – and as we have seen not only – and keep up with current trends, cannot fail to consider the choice of sofas characterized by expertly crafted feetperhaps in colors like gold or with lines that recall the aesthetics of vintage furniture.

Sofa with chaise longue and removable seats.

The trendy sofa in this period is designed for all needs and for the numerous facets of relaxation. What to do when you go from simply relaxing by reading a book or listening to music to actually sleeping? Pull it out chaise longue!

With a view to the multifunctionality that now characterizes domestic spaces, the sofas in step with the times in this period are characterized by the presence of chaise longue and removable seats.

These are increasingly important details if we consider the fact that the living environment is very often the scene of smart working days and that the quality of rest is crucial if you intend to experience work within the home in a healthy way .