Stop sale and discount on Barriers Bonus: Lift Associations and FIABA dissatisfied


Emma Potter

Stop sales and Barriers Bonus discount: a missed opportunity

For industry associations and FIABA it would be a missed opportunityin the year of the G7 dedicated to accessibility which will be held in Italy (specifically in Umbria) from 14 to 16 October next, not being able to present solid support for the accessibility measure confirmed until 2025. Support which is oriented towards improvement of the quality of life for at least part of the 3.5 million citizens, equal to 7.2% of the population over 15 years of age, in particular the most fragile, those with motor disabilities and/or the elderly.

The Associations, unanimously, e TALE they therefore ask the Government to reconsider the measurement and continue to allow the transfer of credit and discount on invoices for interventions to remove architectural barriers: a sustainable cost for a measure with a very high social impact.

ANIE AssoAscensori – brings together companies that carry out design, construction of systems and components, installation, repair and maintenance of lifts, goods lifts, escalators and moving walks, stair lifts and lifting platforms. With around 5 thousand employees, the associated companies cover over 50% of the new systems market in Italy and around 40% of the services market.

ANACAMNational Association of Lift Construction and Maintenance Companies, represents around 500 industrial and artisan companies operating in the elevator systems sector (elevators, hoists, escalators and moving walkways, etc.). Within the Association, established in 1971, all the components of the supply chain are present: builders, installers, maintainers, designers and suppliers of specialist services to businesses.

CUNA – National Unitary Coordination of Lift Operatorsbrings together and represents over 1,500 artisan and small-sized businesses associated, throughout the national territory, with Confartigianato Impianti and CNA Installazione Impianti, which deal with the installation, maintenance and repair of elevator systems, lifts and goods lifts.

FAIRYTALE ETS (formerly ONLUS), is a Third Sector organization founded in 2000 to raise awareness among institutions and all citizens of the importance of breaking down architectural and cultural barriers.
The intended objective is to create the conditions so that in the future all people can move anywhere freely and independently. FIABA was the proponent of the 75% bonus in the 2022 Budget Law.

Press release by ANIE FEDERATIONExternal Relations and Studies Area, Coordination of specialized press, Elisabetta Orsenigo