Superbonus: CNI expresses concern about the continuous changes


Emma Potter

Superbonus: CNI's disappointment at the endless changes to the provision

The National Council of Engineers expresses strong disappointment for theyet another change to the rule which generates total disorientation in all citizens and operators involved.

The Superbonus has now been configured as the measure subject to the greatest number of changes by far, since the day it was launched. Every day there is something new and this creates one in everyone involved permanent state of agitation. Anyone who finds themselves faced with the need to make an investment, whether they are the owner of a property, a business or a professional, has the right to be able to take advantage of certain and long-lasting mechanisms that allow them to plan their expenses.

In this sense, this is yet another turning point unacceptable.

Strong doubts about the figures advertised

Furthermore, the National Council of Engineers expresses a strong doubt compared to the figures relating to the Superbonus, often flaunted in order to justify interventions to protect public finances. It cannot be stated enough, for example, that the aforementioned high-sounding expenses borne by the State refer to all of the Bonuses and not just the Superbonus.

Furthermore, it is never said that these are gross figuresto which they would go VAT and IRPEF subtracted paid on those amounts by interested property owners and operators. In general, the direct and indirect returns that Superbonus spending has generated in terms of GDP growth, employment growth, tax revenue growth and the emergence of illegal activities are never calculated.

Beyond any evaluation of the merit of what the Superbonus experience was, the CNI hopes that the Government will report precise and certain data on what is there real net expenditure borne by the Statebecause only based on irrefutable data you can make every possible evaluation concrete on how they can be configured any future bonusesfor the CNI necessary to achieve the objectives set by recent European directives.

Press release by Antonio Felici, head of the Press Office of the National Council of Engineers