TFA Sostegno 2024, even graduates in architecture and engineering can participate – Ediltecnico


Emma Potter

Let's try to understand in detail what is it about the TFA Support, how selections work and especially if and How can those with a technical degree access it? such as those in architecture and engineering.

TFA Support, what is it?

The TFA Supportor Active training internship for support teachersit's a theoretical-practical training period (60 CFU University Training Credits) of a minimum duration 8 months carried out at the main Italian universities which, once completed, allows you to obtain the qualification necessary to become a support teacher. To access this specialization course, however, it is necessary to pass certain requirements access tests.

The available places (more than 29 thousand this year) are distributed between nursery, primary and lower and upper secondary schools. THE graduates in engineering or architecture (is considered only the five-year degree) can However participate only for lower and upper secondary schools.

TFA Support, qualifications required

In fact, the qualifications required to participate for nursery and primary school are:
– degree in Primary Education Sciences
– master's degree, including the experimental diploma in psycho-pedagogy, with qualification value and experimental diploma in linguistics, obtained from teaching institutes (or similar qualification obtained abroad and recognized in Italy)

While for the lower and upper secondary school:
– specific qualification for the competition class;
degree title (five-yearly) and 24 ECTS in anthropological, psychological, pedagogical disciplines and in teaching methodologies and technologies.

The practical technical teachers (ITP), by laboratory subjectscan access the paths for obtaining specialization for support activities with the diploma (art. 5, paragraph 2 provides for an exception until the 2024/2025 school year to the degree requirement), but only for upper secondary school. THE surveyorsfor example, can log in this way.

TFA Support, selection tests

The selection for admission to the TFA Support includes the following exams:

  • trial pre-selective (not always, it depends on the university chosen and the number of applications received)
  • trial written
  • trial Oral
  • apprenticeship

The pre-selection consists of 60 multiple choice questions (20 questions to verify linguistic skills and understanding of texts in Italian; 40 questions to verify specific socio-psycho-pedagogical professional skills), to be answered in 2 hours. This first test does not provide a score, but aims to make an initial screening of the candidates.

Based on law 41/2020 they skip the preselection 80% disabled people and subjects who in the previous ten school years have completed at least three years of service, even non-consecutive, in the specific support position and grade chosen.