The Association of Tax Surveyors welcomes the approval of the Salva-Casa Decree


Emma Potter

The news of the Save-Home Plan

Among the main innovations introduced by the Decree there is, in particular, the elimination of double conformity, thanks to which the conformity assessment procedure is simplified.

Partial discrepancies compared to the projects filed with the Municipality, such as closing of a veranda or the creation of an undeclared roomthey will in fact be remediable with the payment of a fine proportional to the increase in the value of the property (between one thousand and 31 thousand euros).

Furthermore, for interventions carried out by 24 May 2024, the manufacturing tolerance limit has increased: for properties under 100 square meters the tolerance reaches up to 5%, while for properties between 100 and 300 square meters it is 4%, and for those between 300 and 500 square meters it is 3%.

They are also simplified change of intended use of individual real estate units (allowing such changes without building works, as long as they respect sector regulations and specific municipal conditions) and the procedures for obtaining the amnesty permit for interventions carried out in partial non-compliance with the original permits. Moreover, they come included among the free building interventions are Vepa windows and sun protection workssuch as awnings and pergolas, thus facilitating routine maintenance interventions without the need for permits.

Finally, another crucial aspect of the Decree is the simplification of the procedure for certifying the legitimate status of properties. Previously, in fact, this certification required the reconstruction of the entire building permit chain, often blocking the renovation works for months. Now, it will be sufficient to refer to the latest title filed, greatly facilitating the process. “AGEFIS has read the text of the Decree and believes that these simplifications are fundamental to reduce interpretative uncertainties in construction and urban planning matters, encouraging the redevelopment of properties and supporting the real estate market” Mion comments.

With Salva-Casa the surveyor takes on an even more central role

Furthermore, with the approval of the Save Home Decree, the work of surveyors takes on an even more central role: professionals will be called upon to support citizens in managing the new simplified procedures, providing technical advice and assistance in preparing the procedures necessary for the regularization of properties. “The decree further enhances the figure of the surveyor, who becomes an indispensable point of reference for those who intend to take advantage of the new opportunities offered”, Mion points out.

The ability of surveyors to correctly interpret and apply regulations will be crucial to ensuring the success of redevelopment and amnesty operations”. AGEFIS will therefore continue to support professionals in the sector, offering continuous training and updates to best address the challenges and opportunities introduced by the new decree.

Press release by Giulia Autino – Agefis Press Office, Association of Tax Surveyors