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Emma Potter

Photovoltaic Systems

The volume is a complete guide i) to the design of grid-connected photovoltaic systems, including those equipped with storage systems, ii) to the presentation of maintenance interventions to optimize their performance, iii) to the discussion of issues relating to technological modernizations carried out on systems in operation (revamping and repowering), iv) to residential and industrial distributed generation and multimegawatt and utility-scale power systems. The text shows the architecture of a photovoltaic system, providing the elements necessary for the correct sizing of the system, describing the system engineering in depth: from the generation group to the point of connection to the electricity grid. The volume is updated to current electrical legislation, also with particular attention to recent regulatory provisions regarding the implementation of storage systems within the electrical system. A part of the volume is dedicated to the operation of photovoltaic systems in parallel with the electricity grid, describing the types of low, medium and high voltage connections, the design aspects and the TICA process – from the connection request forwarded to the network manager until the completion of the network works. The text shows the standard ordinary maintenance operations, up to the thermographic analysis carried out with drones. Cases of “under performing” photovoltaic systems are illustrated, and examples of malfunctions or failures of photovoltaic modules and other system components that lead to a reduction in the performance ratio are shown in detail. The text shows all the bureaucratic requirements that must be complied with in order to avoid economic sanctions and guarantee the maintenance of the right to the incentive and to the GSE agreements for incentivized systems and photovoltaic systems operated in grid/market parity. The 15 technical reports of photovoltaic systems, complete with electrical diagrams and design calculations – released in the web space available to the reader – are of invaluable practical aid. Alessandro CaffarilliAerospace engineer, is CTU at the Ordinary Court of Rome. He has designed and directed works for over 700 MW of photovoltaic and wind power plants. He is a founding member of Intellienergia and currently Business Development Manager for EF Solare Italia.Giulio de SimoneMechanical engineer, Ph.D. in Energy and Environmental Engineering. He is a founding member and CEO of Intellienergia. He has designed and directed works for over 500 MW of renewable energy production plants.Angelo PignatelliElectronic engineer, Ph.D. in Systems Engineering, PMP for Project Management. He has designed and supervised work on over 200 MW of renewable energy production plants. Kostantino TsolakoglouAerospace engineer, MSc, deals with the development, design, asset management and O&M of utility scale systems. He is Head of Engineering at one of the major European companies in the photovoltaic sector. The authors are teachers on behalf of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome.