The fourth edition of the Engineering 4.0 Forum will be held in June


Emma Potter

Sharing and discussion through moments of real networking

If European policies focus on the potential of ICT technologies to promote innovation, progress and economic growth, with the development of the digital single market as their main objective, the so-called it was 4.0in which products, processes and services are increasingly digitalisedasks specific questions and requires targeted actions from companies that do not want to fall behind and keep up with the times.

Which is why the themes that will be addressed this year are developed around three macro areas emerged as crucial during the Think Tank of the talkers of the Engineering 4.0 Forum held last January, the renamed TCubei.e. the event reserved for companies that have participated or supported the Forum so far.

The human factor, which highlights the need to open dialogue to new generations, the importance of transversal skills and the culture of management and ESG policies.

There digitalisation, focused in particular in the field of cyber security and operational technology, which highlights the need for a coordinated underlying strategy.

The create an (eco)system, through the concepts of coopetition, community and win-win approach. These are the topics that will be explored and analyzed during the 3 sessions, the 3 round tables, and the 2 startup presentations.

The space dedicated to networking it will offer concrete opportunities for exchange and synergy between those present, who will also have the opportunity to reserve moments of sharing with the talkers who speak in the speeches. An opportunity for deep sharing in discussing and being able to undertake together a path of identification of the problems of the sector and its possible resolutions.

Innovative startups at the center of dialogue with companies and entrepreneurs

L'area dedicated to networking will also feature, in this edition, the startupswho will have the opportunity to present their innovative projects in the field ofAI in Civil, Monitoring, Anti-seismic, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Furthermore, new space possibilities will be opened in the Mechatronics Hub and a visit to the Tecnopolo of Reggio Emilia, a startup incubator where the most innovative companies in the field are involved. Furthermore, universities and their research and development teams will also have the opportunity to interact and discuss in the networking area with the companies present.​

“We are thrilled to be able to propose this year's themes at the Engineering Forum with some of the most important names in the Italian entrepreneurial scene. The event is confirmed as an opportunity for a necessary moment of reflection on the state of the art of digitalisation in businesses and as an important space for discussion to bring to light virtuous experiences from which to draw examples.” – he comments Paolo SegalaCEO of CSPFea.

“A prestigious context with prominent speakers in the field of innovation and management, through a new format that involves the top players in engineering at 360°. The enthusiasm that has always characterized the participants in this event ensures that this year too the desire for dissemination and sharing is confirmed to find new solutions and make companies increasingly competitive and ready in terms of corporate digitalisation. ” – explains Giancarlo CanaleSales and Marketing Director of IIS – Italian Institute of Welding.

About Forum Engineering 4.0

The Engineering 4.0 Forum is a annual event which involves companies in the Engineering and Industry 4.0 sectors to discuss, through CEOs and Directors of important companies in the two sectors, digitalisation, innovation and business growth.

Conceived and co-organized by CSPFea company founded in 2005, which provides a global software solution (CAE/FEM-BIM-CAD-CFD-PLANT-ERP) in the field of structural engineering, particularly through the Midas, Catenda (ACDat- CDE), the fluid dynamics of Vento AEC, the Tarko ERP of Akeron, the crowd management of Oasys MassMotion, the rockfall prevention of Hy-Stone; as well as supporting professionals and universities in learning the software themselves.

The Forum acts as a catalyst for ideas and inspirations which gives rise to the annual event in which CEOs, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders from the Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing sectors meet.

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