Urban greenery and ecological design of buildings and infrastructures: two online seminars for professionals


Emma Potter

Green Area Plan and Project

The volume, now in its fifth edition, is a manual for planning and designing green areas, understood in their most complete meaning and in a unified vision that ranges from natural areas to agricultural greenery, from urban greenery to metropolitan fringe areas, to green with an environmental recovery function. The planning process is closely linked to the design process: when carrying out an intervention it is necessary, in fact, to first answer the questions “what”, “where” and “why” (planning) and then decide “how” (planning); and this applies both to the creation of a private garden, and to the creation of a public park, and to the environmental recovery of an area. Having clarified the basic elements and provided the evaluation methods for planning, the volume proposes a design path, integrated with proposals, examples and tables useful for planning. A chapter is entirely dedicated to the principles of composition of open spaces. Given the importance of GIS and CAD technology in design practice, an illustration and summary is provided. A “Standard Regulation for green areas in the municipal area” scheme is proposed, which is certainly useful both for the public technician and for the designer in charge. This new edition, updated in content, has been further enriched with the theme of green urban planning where the themes of urban planning are analyzed (building density, standards, elementary urban planning units, zoning, settlement models, roads, height of buildings, green plugs), evaluating them from this perspective and providing operational indications in this regard. Furthermore, design guidelines and a series of operational recommendations have been included for some significant types of open spaces, such as universities, hospitals and production spaces. The new edition is completed by further updates on greenways and urban green paths , all easily available through an essential analytical index of the topics. Alessandro Toccolini Engineer and architect, former full professor at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences of the University of Milan. He is also president of the Italian Greenways Association, ordinary member of the Georgofili Academy, of the Italian Association of Agricultural Engineering, of the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture.