What is it for and how do you obtain an online cadastral plan


Emma Potter

What is the cadastral plan?

The cadastral plan is an extremely important technical document, generally drawn up in scale 1:200, which represents in detail a real estate unit registered in the Land Registry. This technical drawing includes an accurate description of the internal layout of the property, including the intended use of each room (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, closet, ..), the methods of access to the unit, the window surfaces, the parts municipalities and the orientation of the real estate unit with respect to the coordinate plane.

The appliances of the main unit such as cellars, parking spaces or attics may be present in the cadastral plan but only if they are not identified in the cadastral register with a specific subordinate. Otherwise, it will be necessary request the floor plan of each individual appliance.

Who can request it?

The only subjects who can request the cadastral plan of a property are theowner of the property or holder of a real right on the property, the representative of a legal person or the person delegated by the owner. In compliance with the regulations Privacy (Legislative Decree 196/2003) he was born in provision no. 47477/2010 from the Revenue Agencyit is not possible to release the cadastral plan without delegation which must be completed and presented by one of the authorized parties, together with a copy of the identity document.

If the property is still registered in the land register of one deceased personit is essential to also provide the presentation receipt of the succession declaration it's a declaration in lieu of affidavit signed by an heir.

How to obtain the cadastral plan?

To request a cadastral plan you must be aware of the cadastral data of the property such as the Municipality, the cadastral sheet number, the parcel or land register and the subordinate. This information can be found via the cadastral survey which provides details on the cadastral situation of the property.

VisureItalia® offers the possibility of downloading a cadastral plan directly online. The document is extracted thanks todirect access to the Revenue Agency and is provided updated to the date of the request. This service allows you to quickly and conveniently obtain the desired floor plan, without the need to physically go to the land registry offices.

It may happen that the cadastral plan is not available in the Land Registry because it has not been digitized and is present in the archives of the land registry offices only in paper format or the case may arise in which the plan has never been filed. In these cases, this can be done by requesting the Land Registry Office in the first case rasterization o digitalisation of the paper plan in electronic format or, in the second case, appointing a qualified technician to carry out the survey of the real estate unit and the registration with DOCFA.

What is the land registry plan for?

The cadastral plan is consulted firstly to verify the correspondence between the real state of the property and what is deposited in the Land Registry. If the cadastral plan does not correspond to the real state of the places and discrepancies or defects are detected building irregularities with respect to the project filed with the Municipality, building regularization must be carried out in compliance with urban planning regulations. Subsequently, once the property has been renovated, the update of the cadastral plan can be presented to the Land Registry with a procedure DOCFA written by a technician.

The floor plan is essential to show and attach to the necessary documentation in various circumstances such as the sale of a property, the stipulation of a rental contract, the request for a mortgage for the purchase of a house and the presentation of building documents.

How do you read it?

The reading of the cadastral plan follows a precise layout of the information. At the top left you can find theheader of the provincial Land Registry office where the property is registered, accompanied by the protocol number and date. This data indicates that the plan has been accepted by the Land Registry as it respects all the required graphic parameters.

Furthermore, further down, there are two other boxes: one containing the cadastral identifiersi.e. the numbers that identify the property, and the other that reports the name of the technician responsible for completing the cadastral paperwork and filing the drawing. The cadastral coordinates are also indicated vertically, precisely on the right of the sheet. In the center is the drawing of the property plan, which represents the geometry of the property unit, including the various rooms and their names.

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