What should good home insurance include?


Emma Potter

L'home insurance it is a non-mandatory insurance policy that provides numerous protections in the case of owned houses, rented houses or apartments. Over the years, the demand for this type of policy has increased significantly.

One of the reasons for this increased demand is that it is a form of protection which, although involving a certain annual cost, is able to reduce – and in some cases even eliminate – the expenses that would have to be incurred following particular events affecting a residential building, its contents and its inhabitants. You can also protect yourself from damage that we may cause to third parties (for example neighbors) in connection with ownership or possession of the house.

Home insurance can be taken out in the traditional way, by going to the insurance company's headquarters, or via the Internet; this is, for example, the case of the Linear online home insurance policy, a product that can be highly customized by the customer based on their specific needs.

Since there is the possibility of considerable customization of the policy, let's try to understand what those are coverages that should be present in good home insurance.

Home insurance: what coverage should you include?

The covers that can be included in home insurance are numerous and their choice depends on the specific needs of each individual, on their family situation and also on the budget that you intend to allocate to this type of protection.

Some guarantees are found in all the contracts offered by the various insurance companies, others may be provided by some, but not by others.

A classic coverage is, for example, that relating to “damage to the building” which protects the insured from all accidental events that can cause even very costly damage: fire, water leaks, explosion, burst, short circuit, lightning, electrical phenomena, etc. This coverage significantly limits the expenses you will incur as a result of these events.

Also very important is thecivil liability of the owner”; with this guarantee you protect yourself from events related to your home that can accidentally damage third parties (people, things or animals).

A coverage that is worth considering is that of “damage to the contents” which covers damage suffered by goods contained in the home following fire, explosion, short circuit, water leaks, electrical phenomena, etc.

The inclusion of coverage should not be underestimatedatmospheric events and vandalism” which covers direct and indirect damage caused by hail, snow, wind and storms and also from those caused by other people in the case of events such as riots, riots, violent demonstrations, etc.

Coverage can also avoid huge expenses.”assistance for breakdowns” relating to damages that require the intervention of professionals such as blacksmiths, glassmakers, plumbers and electricians.

Interesting coverage is that from “home burglary and robbery” which protects the insured against thefts and robberies at home, even if only attempted.

You can also protect yourself with the guarantee “domestic accidents and free time”; you will be covered for accidents that can affect us when you are at home or away (a fall while carrying out household chores or when we are playing five-a-side football with friends, etc.); you will receive compensation in the event of injuries with fractures or dislocations.

These are just a few simple examples, but they are there are many other covers that we could take into consideration to face an unpleasant situation with greater serenity.