2024 architects and engineers qualification exam: everything you need to know in an online lesson


Emma Potter

Sunday 16 June, from 10:00L'Arch. Alberto Fabio Ceccarelli will be live online with an Extraordinary Lesson dedicated to the 1st session of the 2024 qualification exams for architects and engineers.

An appointment designed to answer the numerous questions that many aspiring professionals ask regarding the choice of exam locationto the costsat registration method and at commissions.

Many aspiring architects and engineers look for accurate information to make the best choice about where to take the exam. It is normal to have doubts before taking such an important exam, especially this year, with the return of the practical test. Each exam center has its own peculiarities and legends are often passed down about the different exam boards and methods.

Qualifying exam 2024 for architects and engineers: the topics of the lesson

The Extraordinary Lesson on Sunday 16 June 2024 was organized to clarify the most frequent doubts. Here are the main topics that will be addressed.

  • Examination centers for architects and engineers – The different locations available in Italy for qualifying exams will be analysed, both for architects and engineers.
  • Costs and requirements for admission to the exam – We will talk about the exam fees and the requirements needed to be admitted, including any documents to be presented.
  • How to choose the exam location – Criteria and advice will be provided to select the location best suited to your personal and professional needs.
  • Examination methods and hypotheses of the practical test for Architects section. A and B – The specific exam methods for architects will be analysed, with particular attention to the practical test.
  • Examination methods and hypotheses of the written test for Civil Environmental Engineers section. A and B – Written tests for civil and environmental engineers will be examined and useful tips for preparation will be provided.
  • What to check on the locations website to make an informed choice – It will be explained what information to look for on the official websites of the exam centers to make an informed choice.
  • How to register for the exam and when to register – Details will be provided on the registration procedures and deadlines to be respected to avoid bureaucratic problems.
  • What is needed for the exam session (strategies and mistakes not to be made) – Useful strategies for tackling the exam and common mistakes to avoid will be shared.

Why participate?

By participating in this lesson, you have the opportunity to solve many of the doubts that grip aspiring professionals before the exam, having access to valuable information that will be of support in decisions and preparation for the licensing exam.

Don't miss the opportunity to clarify all your doubts and prepare adequately to face the 1st exam session of 2024 with serenity and confidence.

To request more information on the lesson and the cost, immediately send an email to [email protected]