2024 Internal Ministry competition, (few) places also for technicians: how to prepare


Emma Potter

The notice has been published Ministry of the Interior Competition 2024 for the recruitment of 1248 permanent officialsone of the most anticipated of the year.

The places are numerous, but unfortunately few are for technical professionals: Alone 3 places for the technical officer profile; it is therefore even more important to know exactly what to prepare for and what to study. But let's take a closer look at all the details of the competition and selection tests

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The 1248 places up for grabs are divided as follows:
– 350 units with the profile of administrative officer;
– 514 units with the profile of economic-financial official;
– 49 units with the profile of statistical officer;
– 182 units with the IT officer profile;
– 3 units with the profile of technical officer;
– 150 units with the profile of linguistic officer, divided according to the foreign languages ​​requested.

Internal Ministry competition 2024: requirements

In addition to the usual general requirements (Italian citizenship, age of majority, enjoyment of civil and political rights, etc.), being placed for “officials”, A degree is required to participate, different for the various profiles. For the technical profile, code E.1the degrees admitted are the following:

  • Master's Degree (LM): LM-3 Landscape Architecture; LM-4 Architecture and construction engineering-architecture; LM-10 Conservation of architectural and environmental heritage; LM-22 Chemical Engineering; LM-23 Civil Engineering; LM-24 Building systems engineering; LM-26 Safety Engineering; LM-27 Telecommunications Engineering; LM-28 Electrical Engineering; LM-30 Energy and nuclear engineering; LM-35 Environmental and land engineering; LM-48 Territorial, urban and environmental planning or equivalent qualifications according to current legislation.
  • Degree (L): L-7 Civil and environmental engineering; L-17 Architectural science; L-21 Territorial, urban, landscape and environmental planning sciences; L-23 Construction sciences and techniques or equivalent qualifications according to current legislation.

Download the competition notice here

Internal Ministry competition 2024: application

It will be possible to apply until 11.59pm on June 26, 2024. The application can be submitted for only one of the competition codes and for a single territorial area.

The application for participation must be sent exclusively electronically through the InPA Portalby connecting to this address and clicking on the “Send your application to” at the bottom of the page, choosing the professional profile for which you intend to compete. You will need to access the procedure via SPID, CIE, CNS or eIDAS.

To participate in the competition the candidate must have an address of Certified mail (PEC) registered in his name or of a digital address, and payment of the competition fee of 10 euros.

Internal Ministry competition 2024: selection tests

The selection will be divided into: written test, oral test; valuation of securities.
There written test will consist of administering a test of 40 multiple choice questions to be solved in 60 minutes. It will be composed as follows:

  • 25 questions on specific subjects for each competition code;
  • 7 questions aimed at verifying logical-deductive and critical-verbal reasoning skills;
  • 8 situational questions relating to organizational and management issues falling within the scope of studies on organizational behavior.

The 25 questions for candidates for the Technical Officer profile (code E.1) will focus in particular on these subjects: Elements of construction science and technology; Technical systems in buildings; Elements of materials technology; Elements of constitutional right and system of sources and institutions of the European Union; Elements of administrative lawwith particular reference to the administrative procedure, the administrative provision, the right of access, the principle of transparency, al public contracts code; Elements of criminal law, limited to crimes against the public administration; Regulations on health and safety at work; Legislation relating to public works, construction and urban planning; General rules regarding public employment, with particular reference to the responsibilities, duties and rights of public employees, the code of conduct and disciplinary sanctions; Special administrative legislation relating to institutional activities andregulations of the Ministry of the Interior.

There oral examalso distinguished by competition codes, consists of a interdisciplinary conversation aimed at ascertaining the preparation and professional ability of the candidates in the subjects of the written test to which is added the assessment of knowledge of the English language (level at least B1) andinformatics.

Internal Ministry competition 2024: how to prepare

To prepare for all the tests of the 2024 Ministry of the Interior Competition, the following volumes are recommended:

For candidates who have passed both the written and oral tests, the commission will proceed with the valuation of securities.