Agrivoltaic bonus: starting tomorrow applications will open to request incentives


Emma Potter

Facilitated facilities

The tender, financed with PNNR funds, envisages interventions only in favor of plants that provide innovative integrated solutions with assembly of modules elevated from the groundin order to reconcile the agricultural production with energy production also thanks to the application of digital and precision agriculture tools.

In detail, newly built electricity production plants can access the incentives with power greater than 1KW installed at a height of:

  • 1.3 meters in the case of carrying out livestock activities within the agrivoltaic system (minimum height value to allow the continuous passage of livestock);
  • 1.3 meters in the case of agrivoltaic systems which involve the installation of photovoltaic modules in a fixed vertical position;
  • 2.1 meters in the case of carrying out cultivation activities within the agrivoltaic system (minimum height value to allow the use of machinery functional to cultivation);
  • 2.1 meters in the case of carrying out mixed activitiescultivation and livestock, within the same agrivoltaic system.

They can be used exclusively for the construction of systems newly built componentsnever used in other systems, built according to CEI standards and responding to the specific regulatory requirements in terms of quality and safety indicated in the notice itself.

Furthermore, they must be equipped with monitoring systems which allow us to verify the continuity of agricultural/pastoral activity, water saving, recovery of soil fertility, microclimate, resilience to climate change. They can installed too storage systems.

Panels and surface dedicated to cultivation

In order to access the contribution it is necessary that the minimum surface area intended for agricultural/pastoral activities, within the agrivoltaic system, is found equal to at least 70% of the total surface area of ​​the agrivoltaic system (Stot), i.e. the area that includes the surface used for cultivation and/or livestock and the total surface area on which the agrivoltaic system stands.

The total surface area of ​​the agrivoltaic system is determined taking into consideration the entire surface intended for the construction of the agrivoltaic system from which the values ​​of the surfaces that do not directly affect the agricultural activity are subtracted, such as, for example, portions of the surface occupied by buildings (with the exception of buildings intended for the cultivation of mushrooms ), courtyards, ditches, canals, ponds, quarries, sterile lands, rocks, parks and ornamental gardens, areas occupied for fish farms.

Agrivoltaic incentives: who can participate in the tender

The incentive is aimed at all agricultural entrepreneurs with a volume of business exceeding 7 thousand euros per year. In fact, individual entrepreneurs, companies, cooperatives, consortia established between two or more entrepreneurs and/or companies and temporary business associations can participate in the tender.

Since the electricity production activity takes place on surfaces on which agricultural activities are carried out, with the aim of maximizing the synergies between the two components, the correlation between the activities must be demonstrated. To request the incentive you therefore need a sworn reportdrawn up by a professional agronomist or an agricultural assistance centre, which demonstrates the maintenance of cultivation or livestock farming activities within the agrivoltaic system.

How much is the agrivoltaic bonus worth?

The Bonus consists of a capital contribution equal to 40% of the costs incurred for the construction of the new plants, including the costs for the monitoring system and for the installation of storage systems.

One is then recognized by the GSE incentive rate applied to the production of net electricity fed into the grid, which varies depending on the size of the system.