Agrivoltaic: operational rules on the methods and times for disbursing incentives are arriving


Emma Potter

After the operational rules, the first notice for the submission of requests is expected

The GSE will issue a first public notice for the submission of applications within thirty days of approval of the operating rules.

Access to incentives occurs through participation in public procedures, divided into registers and auctions, banned by the GSE during 2024in which power contingents are periodically made available, possibly increased by the quotas of resources and contingents not assigned in previous procedures, within the limits of financial resources.

The aspects governed by the operating rules

The agrivoltaic systems of experimental nature predict innovative integrated solutions with assembly of modules elevated from the groundalso providing for the rotation of the modules themselves, in any case so as not to compromise the continuity of agricultural and pastoral cultivation activities, also possibly allowing the application of digital and precision agriculture tools.

The intent is to create the conditions such that do not compromise continuity of agricultural and pastoral activity, guaranteeing, at the same time, efficient energy production.

The operating rules govern the following aspects:

  • The public notice schemes for each of the procedures provided in accordance with “Technical instructions for the selection of PNRR projects” transmitted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance with circular of 14 October 2021, n. 21 and at the beginning of “Do No Significant Harm” (DNSH);
  • the templates for participation requests to the procedures for accessing incentives in such a way that the applicant is adequately informed of the obligations and methods of compilation as well as of the criminal and administrative consequences deriving from false declarations made pursuant to the articles 46 and 47 of the decree of the President of the Republic of 28 December 2000, n. 445;
  • The calendar details of the competitive procedures to be carried out;
  • the operating modes with which any unassigned power is automatically reallocated, also taking into account the forecast referred to inarticle 7, paragraph 6;
  • the standard contracts to be signed by the applicants for the purposes of granting the capital contribution and the incentive tariff;
  • The obligations paid by the beneficiaries;
  • the dimensional and construction requirements of the systems;
  • the characteristics and methods of monitoring relating to the continuation of agricultural activity on the basis of the guidelines established by thearticle 65, paragraph 1-quinquies of the decree-law of 24 January 2012, n.1 converted, with modifications, by law 24 March 2012, n. 27as well as relating to the recovery of soil fertility, the microclimate, resilience to climate change;
  • the timing and the mode with which the GSE provides foracquisition of electrical measurementsin implementation of thearticle 36 of the legislative decree 199/2021, as well as the methods with which it provides for the disbursement of the incentives due;
  • the mode with which we provide checks and ai checkthe;
  • The investigation and management costs payable by subjects requesting access to incentives in accordance with the provisions of thearticle 25 of the decree-law 24 June 2014, n. 91converted, with modifications, by law 11 August 2014, n. 116;
  • the reporting and disbursement methods of the capital contribution;
  • the financial, physical and procedural monitoring methods of the implementation of the financed interventions as established by MEF-RGS circular 30/2022;
  • the cases of total revocation And partial of the benefits.

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