Cassa Surveyors: calls for intergenerational exchange, tutoring and aggregation have been renewed


Emma Potter

Call for professional aggregation surveyors: how to participate

The announcement of professional aggregation provides for a contribution of 1,500,000 euros intended to encourage the union between professionals who operate individually, promoting the establishment of legal entities such as companies or associations, including interprofessional ones.

The goal is to increase professional incomes through collaboration and sharing resources. The requirements for accessing these funds include not belonging to other companies or associations and regularity in contribution payments.

Members who intend to submit an application to obtain the contribution they cannot be part of other companies or associations and they must turn out up to date with the payment of the contribution. Furthermore, the application for admission to the contribution is subject to the commitment of the participating subjects to establish or join a company between professionals or an association between professionals within 30 days from the date of admission to the benefit and, in the case of an interprofessional company, to the commitment to be formalized with a specific deed of the company, of all the members to pay the contribution received from the Fund in favor of the surveyor members.

The project lasts three-yearly and, in the event of early dissolution of the company or professional association, members will only be granted the one-off contribution in the event that the company or association was specifically created to join the project.

Call for surveyors, intergenerational exchange and tutoring: how to participate

With an allocation of 2,500,000 eurosthe second call aims to create a bond between senior surveyorswith at least 10 years of membership in the Fund, e junior surveyorsnew members or with less than 10 years of activity.

This virtuous tutoring path intends to transfer theoretical-practical and organizational skills from the more experienced to the younger ones, enriching the professional heritage of the latter.

The agreement lasts five-yearly.

Towards a future of collaboration and innovation

These calls are part of a broader framework of initiatives promoted by the Cassa Surveyors, demonstrating a constant commitment towards improving the professional and personal conditions of members. The emphasis placed on aggregation and the exchange of knowledge represents a winning strategy for facing the challenges of the future, promoting a working model that value the experience And encourages innovation.

Surveyors Fund, the Italian Pension and Assistance Fund for freelance surveyors was established in 1955 as a public body for the welfare and assistance of surveyors. From 1 January 1995, as a result of the legislative decree no. 509/1994, like the other category social security funds, was privatized and transformed into a private law body, which was granted managerial, organizational and accounting autonomy. The Cassa Surveyors provides pensions (old age, seniority, disability/invalidity, reversibility and indirect), ensures welfare benefits (extraordinary benefits, maternity allowance) and guarantees a wide range of integrated welfare to approximately 80 thousand registered surveyors, active in the sectors: construction, environment and territory, acting as designers, construction managers, workplace safety managers, or experts in land registry, topography, appraisal, law and consultants to the Judge.

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From the press release by SEC Newgate for Cassa Surveyors