Architectural prompting, MidJourney and more: online course (with CFP) on AI for architecture


Emma Potter

The course Architectural Prompting: AI for architectural practice (from rendering to design)represents a one-of-a-kind training opportunity, designed for architects and industry professionals who want to integrate the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies into their design processes.

The initiative is divided into 5 hours in total, divided into two sessions of 3 and 2 hourswhich will be held on the days October 9 and 11, 2024 (with the possibility of review the recording for 365 days). The course – held by two professionals in the sector Luciana Mastrolia and Andrea Tinazzo – it will be an in-depth journey through theuse of generative AI technologieswith a particular focus on Mid-Journeyone of the most innovative and powerful tools available today for architectural professionals.

Webinar AI in architecture, objectives

At the end of the course, participants will have acquired:

  • a solid one Understanding the fundamentals of AI and its applications in architecture;
  • practical skills in using MidJourney and other AI tools to improve the design process;
  • the ability to Create and optimize effective prompts to generate innovative images and design ideas;
  • knowledge on how Integrate AI into your design workflow to obtain fully satisfactory results.

Let’s see some example images, developed by the teacher Andrea Tinazzo (DigitalAlchemyStudio) with Midjourney:

in architecture

Webinar AI in architecture, teachers

Luciana Mastrolia: PhD student in Architecture, History and Design at the Polytechnic of Turin, she is actively involved in projects that explore the role of architectural design in the processes of transformation of the city, and the evolution of the architectural profession in response to technological progress.
Andrea Tinazzo: architect and digital artist specialized in visual storytelling, founder of DigitalAlchemyStudio. He has led projects that explore new frontiers of visual expression. His works have been presented in national and international events, such as the Biennale Tecnologia in Turin and A Solarpunk Exhibition in Berlin.

The course is organized by The PLAN with the unconditional contribution of Maggioli Editore and created in collaboration with DigitalAlchemyStudio.