Building diseases, understanding them to prevent them: presentation of the Maggioli editore series


Emma Potter

Windows and doors: damage and defects

This book talks about the pathologies of windows and doors, the incorrect practices that cause them and how to prevent and resolve them both in the design phase and on site, during installation. The work is aimed at designers, construction managers, construction companies and construction site operators, offering a complete practical guide, accompanied by 150 commented images, which illustrate the construction pathologies linked to windows and doors, mostly coming from experience of the Authors. The manual deals, in the over 200 pages that compose it, with regulations and management of the window hole with a focus on the characteristics of the products and on how the installation of windows and doors has changed with UNI 11673. The types of windows and doors combined with blinds and accessories and their management both in the case of new installation and replacement. But not only. The book deals with installation and replacement interventions, the problems that can occur and how they can be prevented. The authors also analyze “common errors”, proposing checklists dedicated to design and installation and “urban legends” that orbit around the world of doors and windows, dispelling some myths and confirming others. The heart of the manual is obviously dedicated to window and door pathologies: what causes them and how it is possible to avoid them. The work is completed by an analytical examination of the subframe, of the materials and their defects to know what is needed to have guaranteed windows and doors, of the glass (types and thermo-acoustic characteristics) and of the installation, i.e. the correct practices for installing the windows and doors . The Authors develop all this with practical examples and specific indications for replacements and new installations. Massimiliano Aguanno Administrator of Lema Serramenti, Surveyor, teacher of the Advanced Training Course on Building Pathologies – fixtures, Level II thermographic operator – UNI 9712, EQF4 certified installer – UNI 11673 and member of the Technical Committee UNI/CT 033/GL 12 “Windows, doors , blackout closures and related accessories”. Daniele Cagnoni Owner of Diemme Infissi, teacher of the Advanced Training Course on Building Pathologies – frames, Wood Wood teacher for the EQF4 qualification on the installation of frames, Professional for the installation of Casaclima Quality Frames and member of the UNI/CT 033 Technical Committee /GL 12 “Windows, doors, blinds and related accessories”.