Competent acoustics technician: the deadline for professional updating has been extended


Emma Potter

Professional development: the term has been extended from 5 to 8 years

To avoid the suspension, or even cancellation, from the list of a large number of technicians with proven experience, the National Council, also with the support of some territorial orders (including, in particular, those of Latina, Frosinone, Rome, Rieti, Viterbo and Vercelli), has taken steps to obtain a extensionor at most an extension, of the deadlines for fulfilling the aforementioned obligation.

The result was achieved thanks to an amendment approved by the Chamber of Deputies during the conversion of the decree-law of 30 December 2023n.215 (the so-called “A thousand extensions”). This amendment inserted into thearticle 12 of the legislative decree il paragraph 6-octieswhich provides theextension of the term from 5 to 8 yearsavoiding the risk for many of them of being suspended and/or removed from the List.

CNI satisfaction

“We express satisfaction – he claims Remo Giulio VaudanoDeputy Vice President of the CNI – for accepting the request raised by several colleagues, who were very concerned about the possible serious consequences for those who were unable to complete the update within the time required by the regulations. At the same time we hope that other parts of Legislative Decree 42/2017 can also be revised, for which we will continue to propose the relevant amendments and updates in the appropriate places”.

The conversion provision of decree-law of 30 December 2023, n.215 was definitively approved in the Senate on 21 February 2024 and is waiting to be published very shortly in the Official Journal.

Press release by Antonio Felici, head of the Press Office of the National Council of Engineers