Why choose aluminum for windows and doors


Emma Potter

Among the materials used in the production of windows and doors, aluminum is certainly at the top.

This material has several advantages, as we will see in this article.

Eco-sustainable characteristics of aluminium.

In recent times, emphasis has increasingly been placed on the importance of reducing environmental impact through one's daily choices.

Aluminum is a versatile and durable material that offers multiple benefits when it comes to environmental sustainability.

Let's think for example of the fact that it can be recycled infinite times, without losing its peculiarities. Choosing aluminum therefore reduces the need to extract and process new resources, with a lower environmental impact.

Even during production, aluminum requires fewer resources than other metals. In this way, the overall impact on the biosphere is decreased through the release of greenhouse gases.

Other advantages of aluminum frames.

One of the advantages certainly most appreciated by those who choose this material is its resistance. The fixtures are exposed to meteorological phenomena of all kinds, and therefore subject to deterioration.

Few materials resist these factors as much as aluminium, which thus requires less investment over time for maintenance. This will also reduce the need to use additional energy and materials for repairs.

Precisely because of its versatility, this material allows the production of innovative and original solutions suitable for every design need.

For these and other reasons, experts conclude that aluminum windows offer the best cost-benefit ratio over time.

Insulating and insulating characteristics of aluminium.

Contrary to what we might think, aluminum frames can offer excellent performance in terms of thermal or acoustic insulation.

In fact, it is true that the material itself is an excellent conductor. Its simplicity of processing, on the other hand, allows you to design fixtures with excellent insulating properties. In fact, those who produce aluminum windows and doors, such as METRA Building, are able to create double profiles connected to each other by an insulating material which, in fact, interrupts the dispersion. The result? A better thermal coefficient of the home or environment and warmer environments in winter and cooler in summer.

The same goes for acoustic insulation. By choosing quality fixtures, mounted perfectly and with optimal seals, you can reduce the level of noise coming from the outside.

The gaskets, in particular, must guarantee excellent adhesion between the frame and the door, thus avoiding air and noise infiltration. It is therefore clear how essential it is to choose a serious and reliable company capable of implementing the most cutting-edge production techniques, capable of guaranteeing an excellent level of acoustic and thermal insulation, without neglecting design.


In conclusion, aluminum is a material that combines environmental sustainability with excellent insulating and insulating performance. When used to make window frames, aluminum offers a complete solution that meets modern needs for energy efficiency and sustainability. Its versatility, lightness and durability make it an ideal option for those looking for eco-friendly solutions without compromising on performance.